Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, December 29, 2014

Hey everyone!

All seems well from what i saw in skype the other day! sorry for writing late, today we had a meeting, but they let us write the fam after, so that is why im writing late! the family looks heathly and looks like everyone is doing well, and it was a blast talking to oyu guys. the guy with the knives is the member and he is a great guy, and really funny.

This week was alright, but sadly we had to pospone the baptism of Mauricio because he showed up late to church and the bishop doesnt like us to baptize people unless it is announced in sacrament meeting, but next week for sure he will enter in the waters of baptism! we hope to be help even more people gain salvation this next month. we have some good plans and are very excited to serve with all our hearts! i love doing the work of the lord as he would do it if he were here in argentina! there is nothing better than being a missionary, and one will never experience such joy as one does bringing souls to salvation!

Oh and my package got here this week! thanks for the football and treats! i was a little confused because in moms letter that was in the package it said she sent mac and cheese, but there was no mac and cheese in it! haha i think the argentines robbed me! haha but thanks for everything, and if you see sam tennys mom, tell here thanks too, she sent me a letter! well i love you all and thanks for the prayers and love!! 

Love Elder Taysom

Ps sorry i forgot my camera! 

Pictures mom took of Car skyping on Christmas......He seemed happy and  hot (it was 100 degrees there in Bahia Blanca that day!) and definitely had a very strange and funny accent!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Hey everyone!

How are you all! it is crazy to think that it is already christmas! the time passes to fast and everyone looks so much bigger and older now! it was nice to see the pics of the family chirstmas party! and the woman that wrote dad is one on my converts! she is the mom of that family that was baptized about a month ago! 

this week was good! we work a lot outside of our area and were able to have the christmas party too! the card mom wrote did come in time! haha and we also had a sucessful week here in my area too! seven people came to chruch and a miricle happend! a guy showed up to church, and said he was going to church in another area and just moved to our area. we invited him to be baptized right then and there and he said yes! he is a great guy and very prepared! it is sweet to see how the lord prepares people for is servents to teach! we have seen many prepared souls in my area, and it is the best!

I think it would be best if we skype at 5 my time. not sure what time it is there, but maybe like 1 or so! you will have to check! ill save some stories to tell you guys on christmas!! well i have to go, but just know i love you all and can feel your love! we will talk more on christmas!! love you all

Elder Taysom

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey evreyone,

Things sound like they are going good up there! it is wierd to see everyone in sweaters and jackets and stuff! it is hot here, but not as hot as my last summer here! this area seems to be quite a bit cooler!

This week was a good week and we had 9 people come to church, but we were expecting a little bit more. all in all we are excited to see some great progress in the area and we should see alot more souls come unto christ thourgh baptisms here in the next couple weeks! we have had some great spiritual moments in this past week and taught a lot of great families, and i was really excited because i was able to see one of my converts go to the temple and baptisms for the dead for his grandparents and greatgrandparents! it is the best feeling ever!!! i never thought i would have so much joy in my mission, but the lord blesses us for our labors!

And great news!!!! my package came!!!! the one from november that you sent! i havent got open it yet because i just got it this morning! but im excited for it!!!! also we should plan when we are going to skype! send my info on when you guys want to do it and next monday ill set a time we can skype! well im trying to thing of some funny stories that happend this past week but i cant think of any. basically talking with drunk guys happens alot, so it not really funny anymore, it just argentina! hahahah but just know i love you all and pray for you too!!

Love car

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hey everyone
Ya i would have to say that mom turns to the internet for too many of lifes problems! hahahaha but the new tree looks good! oh and sorry for the photo of my comps. bum, i didnt notice! hahaha
This week was an ok week! its not that we are having less success than before it is just my vision of success has changed! its funny because now when we find alot of people, i feel like we need to find more. its a great feeling, im never satisfied and dont think i ever will be! we are planning for some baptisms in the next few weeks that come, so ill keep you all informed! the lord is blessing us greatly and we are seeing many miracles!
My package still hasnt come, but it will soon i hope! nothing really crazy happened this week, but ill try to look for more funny stories! i dont have much time, but just know i love you all and im thinking and pryaing for you all!! love you
Love elder taysom

Monday, December 1, 2014

Hey everyone!

Everyone looks so happy in the thanksgiving picks! thanks for not sending pics of the food! i might have eaten the computer screen! haha but everyone looks so much bigger now! it is crazy! Sad to her about JT. he was a great kid and will be missed! ill remember to pray for his fam!

This week was a good week! we almost had a baptism, in the end he will get baptised this next week! we are working quite well in the area and are finding miracles right and left! im am very grateful for the blessings we are reciving from our heavenly father! we recieve his help daily and and miracles are happening all around us! im very grateful for the time i had early in my mission to learn what i know and this past year has prepared me for all the sucess we are having now!

 I loving hearing from all the new missionaries like cam, and fez, and gage, and all the others because they are writing exactly what i wrote when i was a new missionary! they will learn and in will have a lot of success in no time!! this past sunday was so funny! a drunk guy showed up! he was really dirty so we took him to the batheroom and cleaned him up alittle! then we told him we were going to the sacrement meeting and he had to stay silent! he said ok and then we entered but he didnt even last 1 min. before he started shouting and stuff! so i lovingly and quite forcefully shoved him out of his chair and into another room! i flicked on the speakers so we could hear who was taking in the sacrament room and told the guy that God was going to talk to him! he just sat there in awe with his mouth open and started to talk/yell at the roof and have a conversation with ¨god¨ i just sat next to him and laughed at him! it was sweet well i got to go, but thanks for all your prayers and love! dont worry about me, im doing great! love you all!

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hey everyone!

Sounds like life is pretty busy and cold from what i can see from the fotos! haha it is weird because it is starting to get hot here, but im hoping i can use this time to my benefit and sweat my way to a 6 pack! i quess we will have to see! 

This was another good week! we had 2 more baptisms and it was awesome! M and his daughter were baptized and it was a great service! he is a great guy! when we found him, it was from a reference of another ward! they said he went to church a lot there, but was never baptized! it turns out he likes the church a lot, but never got baptized because he wasnt married to his ¨wife¨. it happens alot here! anyways about 2 months ago his wife passed away in an accident and he stopped going to church, but we found him, taught him the wonderful plan of happiness and he is very excited to go to the temple and get sealed with his wife! i love this time and the chance to see the friuts of our work, but i always had the thought in my mind that, when i baptize every week, i will feel so content! Luckily the lord has blessed me to feel as he feels! every baptisms that we have is great, but there are thousands that still havent entered into this great convenio with god! and i feel there is still so much work to do!!

we did have a funny experience in the baptism! the daughter of M, who is 9, when she first touch the water with her foot, said it was cold and maybe she didnt want to get baptized anymore, but she walked in a little futher and found out it was warm under the surface! after she was baptized she started to follow the member up the stairs, but then turned around and did a cannon ball into the baptismal font and started to swim around! hahahaha it was so funny because the member went back in after her and got her to start waking out again, when she said, ¨WAIT¨.. the member moved out of the way thinking she forgot something in the font, and when she got past him, she jump in again and started swimming! hahaha it was the best! anyway i got to go but thanks for everything you guys do for me, and it seems to me that packages come in faster if they are wrapped in tape and have the pope and virgin mary all over them!! love you all!!

Love Elder Taysom

Photos: of the baptism and me eating at an all you can eat buffet!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hey everyone

Wow it is crazy to see how time flys! when i saw the picture of tanner looking at the seniors, i realized that taylor cumming is a senior! i feel so old! :( and that is sweet that we are ranked 16 in the nation for cross country!

This week was good! we had the bapitms of L y S and it was sweet! no almost the whole family is baptized, we just have to baptize the dad! they are an awesome family and im greatful for the oportunity i have had to teach them the restored gosple! oh and remember M, who we were teaching and baptized her 3 kids, but she had to wait to move out of that guys house! well i found out this week that 2 days after i left the area, she found a place and moved out, and got baptized that very day! haha it was awesome! the lord is blessing me alot with very prepared people to teach and blessing me with the opportunity to see alot of them enter into the waters of baptims! i have never been more happy in my whole life than i am now being a missionary! it is awesome!

so ya i still havent recieved the package, but i did find out that those flat rate mail bags come in alot easier and faster, so i should be getting the one you sent me soon! i do have a way to play cd´s of motab and i would love one! i sure hope the imlays are ok, and send them my love and my payers! and just know that im doing good and loving serving the lord! i love you all and thanks for everything!

Love elder taysom!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hey everyone!

sounds like life is as busy as ever and that things are going well! its funny to think that our little family now covers 3 contenents! haha im sure the time of season there is really nice right now too! and almost thanksgiving! i will envy your turkey and roast ham dinner! haha

This week was an awesome week! my first week in the area and we are teaching a lot of people! we have a family that is going to get baptized this weekend and they are excited! well 2 kids are already baptized and the mom and dad and daughter are getting baptized this week! we have seen some great miracels in this area and hope to see many more in the weeks that come! the lord blesses missionaies and wants all his children to return to live with him! i have the great blessing of seeing and helping his children come back! i love it!

My new comp. is elder Ramírez, and he is from ecuador! he is the best and has about the same time in the mission as me! he is a hard worker and loves the gosple! he is a convert of about 2 years and its wierd because he is 25 and im 19, but we get along quite well! haha and i love being in the city of bahia! it is pretty sweet! its pretty close to a beach! well i got to go, but thanks for everything you guys do for me and for all your love and prayers! love you all

Love Elder Taysom

An excerpt from an email sent to dad this week:

 As a missionary i have one of the greatest blessing in the world, and i have become so grateful for the chance to serve and there is one reason in particular. it is that i have the chance to see the gospel change people, and change families! i have never seen anything like it but the way people change through the gospel is somthing i am so grateful for! i have seen people sob and weep because they feel no way out of the difficulties of life, and in a matter of days weep tears of joy and gratitude for the chance god gave them to hear our message! i feel it is something i took for granted before my mission, and didnt really realize the role the gospel has in a family, but i have never been so grateful for the gospel in terms of how it can bless a family!

we are teaching this woman named L who has a family that one could say is dysfunctional haha, when we first came there was not a single second that someone was not yelling at someone else. ( i did kind of feel at home a little bit) haha, but i have seen this family change, thourgh the gospel, and there is a spirit in that home that was not there before, and this family has seen it too, and because of the change the gospel has made for their family, this sunday, they have made the decision to enter into the waters of baptism so they, one day can recieve a fullness of joy by entering in the temple! i would say that there is nothing i am so grateful for than the opportunity i had to be rasied in a family that teaches gospel principles! i will never be able to thank my father in heaven enough! and i am grateful for the chance i have to share it with others too!! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hey everyone!

Well i totally forgot about halloween, but i love all the pics that i got! it all looks so festive! in argentina they dont celebrate it so i spaced on it! haha, but dals eyes do look pretty creepy! so guess what, i have been transfered again! im in bahia blanca in the maldonado ward! my comp. is from ecuador and he is a great guy! we are excited to baptize alot and help people come unto cristo!!

This past week was good, but we didnt get to work that much in my area! my comp had to do his document papers, and i went on divisons to try to help some sisters who have been struggling in there areas a little! but we still did get some good work done, and we saw a great miracle! we were walking down the steet and some lady flagged us down from in here house and ran outside to us! she told us that she had spoken to missionaies before in another area and that she wanted to go to church and get baptized, but didnt know where to find the missionaries, until we walked past her house and she found us! it was just a great example of how sacrifice brings forth the blessing of heaven! and even if we cant be in our area, the lord will bless us with prepared people if we are obedient!

so ya that was my week! sorry i cant send photos because i forgot my camera, but i will send more photos next week! i sure hope all is well at home and just know im doing well here! the lord is helping us everyday and we see miricles daily! love you all and thanks for all you prayers and love!

Love Elder Taysom

An excerpt from an email sent to the fam the same day:

Mom and dad! hey so i have like 2 min, but just know i love you lots and ill save time so you dont have to wonder! this transfer i was called to serve as a zone leader. it is a great responsibility and im happy for this opportunity! thanks for all the gospel principles that you taught me as a child! they helped me be the missionary i am today! i love you and thanks for everything!

Love car

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hey everyone,

How are you guys doing? things are going good down here! well it is raining now so im alitle wet, but other than that im good! things sound like they are going good up there and those cup cake meat-loaf things looked soooo good! my comp just call us  "such a mormon family" haha becuas he is a convert! haha

This week was good and we taught a lot of lessons and some people come to church, but we feel the lord expects more from us! we are here to help people come unto christ through helping them get baptized, but just teaching them wont help them enough, they need to make the covenant of baptism and ultimalty make it to the temple! we are working hard, but we need to help them realize the importance of baptism, and that is what we are going to work on this next week! i know when we concentrate less on just getting lessons in, and more on how we can help them progress to baptism, the lord blesses us and them and the spirit is always there!!!

well we are happy and excited to be serving the lord and to be here in the mission. to answer some questions i didnt really do anything for my 1 year mark, we just had a normal day, and i like and need all my ties so i didnt burn anything, it was a good day and we taught some real good lessons! and nothing really funny happen this week . my favorite meal down here is pastel de papa! it is like sheperds pie, but way better!!! well got to go, but i love you all and thanks for everything you do! just know miracles are happening all around us!!!

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hey everyone!!!

Thanks for all the videos! they were awesome and i loved hearing from you! everyone looks so big and grown up! i didnt even realize that i have been out a year! it is a sad thing to think about! i try not to count the day´s, but thankfuly i have a loving family that does! hahahahahahaha 

This past week was good! We had such a cool experience! My comp. and I are very focused on baptizing and are trying with all our heart to baptize, but what is important is the true conversion of the investigador, and we saw exactly that this past week with S. S is an investigador who is evangelical, and she is also poor! she can not pay the rent for her house, so the evangelical church pays for much of her rent. If she attends an another church, this church will not pay for her rent any more, but her faith is something i have never seen in all my life. we taught her and the spirit was so strong, and she began to cry and said that ¨even if I lose my house, I know that you are God's angels¨ and she accepted a baptismal date, and went to church with us this last Sunday !! it was so great to see the sacrifice and faith of a woman and her disire to follow christ!

So other than that awesome experience, we had a pretty normal week! we saw a huge car accedent, and we had an investigador say he wanted to quit using drugs, and then handed us a bag and walked away. we opened it up and saw it was full of drugs! it was terrible, so we just threw them in the garbage, then he called us asking what we did with the bag and we said we threw it away in the trash and then he hung up! we havent heard from him since! hahaha oh and we konck at this door yesterday and and we started taking to a jahovas witness, right then her uncle and cousin showed up. the uncle is a catholic priest and his son is a baptist pastor! that was an awesome experiance! hahaha anyway i got to go, but ill try to keep you guys more informed and thanks for all your prayers and love!!!

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hey everyone

How are you all doing! i cant beileve i have a delinquent brother! haha but that does sound pretty funny! haha I just asked my comp about all those places you visited in vegas and he knows them all! he says that the container park is sweet!

So this week was a good week! we worked a lot and had some real good sucess in the area! remember how i told you guys about maria and she couldnt get baptized because she lives with a guy in the same house, well we were able to baptize her family ( her 3 kids) this last weekend and we are just waiting for her to find a new house and she can get baptized too!! it was a great week spirtually and just what me and my comp. needed to get the ball rolling again! the mission is really doing quite well and brings more than 100 per month to the gospel, but it is not easy work to try to animate missionaries that dont have the desire to baptize alot! but we are doing quite well over all!

To answer some questions, time does fly, but i try not to count it haha, i still havent recieved the package, but i hope tomorrow, i remember last time you spelled bahia blanca wrong, so maybe that is why it is taking a while! my clothes are holding up good, but i could use some more ties if that is possible! and tell keagan hi and thanks for being a good example, and he looks good and skinny! haha well i got to go, but just know i love you all and i can feel your prayers!!

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hey everyone!

Things sound like they are doing great up there! i too think that conference was awesome and i loved that member of the seventy from Ukraine that dropped some principles and spoke very strongly! it is what we need to hear sometimes!! it was an awesome conference!!

this week was a pretty good week for us, even though we didnt get to work in our area a lot! we had alot of lidership conferences and things like that, and i was worried that we might not be able to get that many people to come to church, but the lord sure humbled me! haha through alot of really hard work and blessings we were able to bring 10 people to church and 2 or 3 are going to get baptized this next week! it was a great blessing from the lord! i have finally found the price of successful missionary work! it is sacrifice! it is also the price for salvation, and that is exactly what the lord has done for us! to be succesful missionary, you have to be a missionary of sacrifice! and it was awesome to see how the lord kept ( and always keeps) his promeses this week!

My comp and i are doing good and get along really well! poor guy doesnt speak any spanish, but has a good heart and a will to serve and sacrifice! Dad asked if i have any crazy stories and the turth is it has been pretty calm here the last couple of weeks! oh well we did go visit one of our investigators this week and when we showed up he was really drunk! i didnt want to stay long, but he just kept talking and yelling at us about how we recieve alot of money from the government. it probably didnt help that i was really sarcastic with him. hahahaha i always am! well he stood up like he was going to hit me, but fell down and hit his head!!!! hahaha so we helped him up, told him we loved him, and left! now he is progressing quite well, but still drinks! ill let you know how it goes! well ive got to go, but i love you all and wish the best for all!! love you so much and i can feel your prayers!

Love elder taysom

ps the last pic is of my 2 dads!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hey everyone!

Things sound good up there and im glad everyone is doing good! i liked hearing all your vioces in the video, it is wierd to hear your voices again! haha

This week was a pretty good week for me and my new comp. he is a really cool guy from Vegas! ill tell you more about him later! this week was a good tough week. we tried hard, but for some reason our baptisms fell through right at the last minute, but we keep our good spirits up and we know we are ging to see miracles! yesterday we also had a good experiance! there was a womens general conference last night and we had the opportunity to bring more people to church when they came to the conference! our zone leader came to do divisions with the other DL and they said they had 21 people come the church! it really inspired us to get more to come to chruch, so we went out and talked to every woman that we saw! for some reason no one wanted to come! so we worked and worked , but still no one! so we said a prayer and worked and at last we got someone to come!!!! it was awesome and when she came to the conference we were really happy! then the ZL told us he lied to get us inspired to bring more people to church and we unded up bringing more then him! haha it was a great experience!

So ya my new comp is great! his name is elder pierce and he is 21! he is a real good guy and full of love! i dont have much time but ill let you know more next week! love you all!!!!!

Love elder taysom!

                                 Elder Pierce was buddies with Carter's bestie, Elder Cameron Imlay, in the MTC
Small world!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hey everyone!

I’m doing good down here! And things sound like they are going good up there too! I loved dads letter in Spanish, are you sure you didn’t use Google translator! I feel like you did, but if not it was really good!! Haha

This week was good for me and my comp. we did some good work and worked really hard to have people come to church. We left early in the morning on Sunday to walk with some of our investigators to church, but in the end all fell through! We were pretty discouraged and on the way back to the church, I decided to say a prayer to help us have at least one person come to church! When we got to church, we found that one of our recent converts brought a friend with him and he wanted to be baptized! I invited him to be baptized that very day, but he has a smoking problem, so we set a date for 30th of septiembre and he is going to be baptized that day!! It was a great miracle that we had to cap off our companionship!

My comp is getting transferred so im going to get a new comp. Im going to be training again, and the new missionaries get here Wednesday so ill let you guys know who it is and where he is from! To answer some of your questions, the members go to the temple about twice a year, it is a 10 hour bus ride to the temple, so they don’t have the blessing of having a temple near by. But they are very grateful to at least have one in their country. I still haven’t received any package, but it should here soon so ill let you know!! Well I got to go, thanks for everything and for all your prayers. They really do help!!!!

Love elder Taysom

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hey everyone!

Wow crazy that someone robbed a bank! haha of course when im not there all sorts of crazy things happen! haha jk but tan and kob and the others look so old now! time goes by fast and it looks like kob is 7 feet tall! haha

well this week was alittle tougher than the last couple! not only for me and my comp. but for the district too, we are not quite having the sucess that we had the last month! B and V were excited about their baptism, but these last few days have been really hard for them and their family, and they kind of took that for a sign that maybe they souldn´t be baptized. it was tough and we taught them and tried to tell them that it was satan trying to make them doubt and not get baptized, but they still feel like waiting! i fear that they have doubts that we dont know yet, but this week we are going to see miracales and they are going to see them too!

i dont have much time today, but to answer some of your questions, yes we made those empanadas, they were made of ham and cheese, but we make some meat ones too! they were sooooooo good! ill make some when i get back! it is starting to warm up here, but not so excited, because i remember how hot last summer was and it was tough! haha well i got to go, but i love you all and thanks for everything and for your prayers and for the advice! love you!!!


Elder Taysom

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hey everyone

This week was good! we actually havent moved yet, because they are stll painting the house but they should finish today! we also had stake conference and that was good! you guys asked how much i see pres parreño, and i see him about every week! i am in zona villa mirtre, which it the same zone as the AP´s and Ofice elders and pres. parreño! at first i was scared because somtime he comes to my district meetings, but now it just a normal thing!

This week was good, but me and my comp arent quite satisfied with the work we did! we need to have more people to church and rely on the spirit more! we kind of came in with this idea of " we are going to work really hard and bring many people to chruch and baptize them". but we have learned that it is good to have this idea, but put the words " we are going to work really hard, and rely on the lord" We now recongnize that and are really excited for this up coming week! we sould have 2 baptism´s but we have to see, because B needs eye surgery and if she gets the sergury done this week she cant be baptized until after her eyes are good again! we are going to pray alot and fast so that she can get baptized before the surgery! but we are seening really good things in they area and are really excited!

Thanks for all your prayers they help a lot, and keep pryaing, we need them more than ever!! well i dont have much time but to answer some questions, we find most of our investigators knocking doors or in the street, and im doing good and we should move this week for sure. i cant send pics of the new place because it is a mission rule, and Ididnt know when i sent them the first time, but ill try to take some pics of me an my comp and and you might be able to see alittle bit of the new house! thanks for everything and i love you all!

Love elder Taysom

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hey everyone

wow i guess i am alittle behind! i just got the photo of brycens baptism last week so i just thought he got baptized last week! haha but looks like your all doing good and i like that grandpa is growing the beard out! he looks muy fachero is what we say down here! haha you will have to look it up or ask brother sweeten! oh and sorry i forgot to attach the names of our investigadores to ill do that this time!

But this week was a good week, but we think we can to better. we did have people come to church, but we were expecting a little more! but our investigators are progressing well and we were going to have a baptism this friday of married couple, but the husband has not quite recieved his awnser yet. the wife is ready and said she want to be baptised this friday, but she is going to wait and get baptised with her husband! he said he believes that the gospel is true, but he doesnt know it is ture yet! we were about to teach him that you dont have to know everything before your baptism, but the member we brought to the lesson said that it is good that he is waiting and that he sould wait! we were kind of bumbed but he defentaly will get baptied this next week! we also have been teaching a lot of new people so we are very exited for this month and we expect to have alot of baptisms!

So we are still doing good and we are going to change houses this week to a bigger and newer house so that should be good! mom asked if i have eaten anything weird latley and i think what is wierd for you guys is normal down here! i eat cow tounge about twice a week! it is not that bad and after a while one actualy starts to like it! haha oh and there is a sister in my ward that like to cook cakes and pies and they are so good!!! we have had apple pie, lemon pie, and chocolate cake with a meran-ge cream top! very good stuff let me tell you!!! well i got to go but thanks for everything and for your prayers and love for me, my comp, and our investigators!!!

Love elder Taysom

Thanks for everything!!

 Ps maybe tan and dad can use the 2nd photo to pracitce not getting buck fever when they see a big buck to shoot! hahaha

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hey everyone!

Things sound like they are going good up there! wow how time flies! wow now there must be a ton of missioneries from our ward out on missions! what a great blessing for the people they are serving, and also for the families there in the ward!!

This week was a good week! We were teaching B alot, but it is sad becuase we feel he just doesnt have the drive to quit smoking! he wants to be baptised, but he is like 80 years old and has been smoking for like 50 years, he is"just waiting for his time when the lord calls him up" he said! it is sad, but we are having alot of sucess here! we find new families every day and we have a great couple that are going to get baptized este weekend or the next! they are so prepared and are excited for their baptism! we also have found a lot of other people and we are really excited for this next month and we feel we can have a baptism every week this next month! thanx for all your prayers and love, because it is reallly helping us here! we are doing somthing with the people in our ward and i would love if oyu guys could do it too! ill send a list of our investigadores and their needs so that you guys can pray for them by name, and so that we can see the miricales that heavenly father has in store for us!

I know that this will help us alot and you guys can help bring people to a knowledge of this gospel! well i dont have much time left but just know that i love you all, and i am doing great here! it is a really good area and the people are really receptive! i have become pretty good at cooking pizzas and noddles and rice too! i cant wait to cook for you guys one day! haha well got to go, but love you all!!

Elder Taysom

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hey everyone!

Wow this week was a good week! we worked alot and had a baptism! it was great and an example of how hard work brings miracles! I love the foto of dal and kayler, they are hipsters haha and grandma and grandpa taysom still look pretty young for having been married for 46 years! well... kind of young anyways!! haha

This week was a good week, i really like my new area and the people here are really receptive and i feel we are going to have a lot of sucess here in this area! we are teach alot of people and 2 came to church yesterday, it is good to have 2, but we want more, and i feel we can get alot more in the church this next week! we are teaching a man named B. he is like 70 or so, but he smokes about 40 cigs. a day! it is crazy, we are trying to help him quit smoking, but it is really hard, we feel he wants to quit smoking, but he is an old guy who lives alone and is retired. he stay´s home all day and has nothing else to do but smoke, but i know the lord will help him. we have him in a situations were he has to want it! i have alot of hopes for him, and we will see this next week what happens! but i feel like me and my comp get along really well and are going to have some real good sucess in this area!

My area punta alta is really nice, it is about 20 min outside of bahia blanca! it would be like im in hurricane and bahia blanca is ST. geroge. my comp. is really cool, he is from sandy utah and is just a goof ball kind of like me. the other elders said they felt they were looking a 2 elder bickmore´s when i first came! we get along real well and we teach well together too! well i got to go, but just know that i love you all and can fell you prayers and love! 

Love Elder Taysom

Elder Taysom's new comp., Elder Bickmoore

Note from Mom... Kelly and I were wondering why Car was getting moved every transfer lately and Kelly asked Car about this and told him that in HIS mission, when a missionary got moved a lot, it usually meant he was causing trouble or lazy haha ;) This was Car's response to his Dad's prodding:

ok so dont tell this to many people because it doesnt really mean that much, but i have been district leader for about 2 transfers, and that is why im getting changed around alot! 

 dont worry dad im not in trouble! haha im just trying to keep the family name a good one! hahahaha but sometimes it is hard to fix the mistakes of 7 or so other taysom missionaries! hahaha just joking, all the taysom misisonaries have been great examples and i look up to you guys alot! well love you all and thanks for every thing!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hey everyone!

Things sound pretty good up there! that is sweet that tan made the team, and you will have to let me know how dal does in his race! Wow we have a word here in the mission of when people are always enfocused on when the mission will end, or life after the mission, or counting how many days we have left! the word is trunki! i say this with all the love and respect i can have...... you guys are trunki! hahahahahahaha but that is why i love you all! i can tell you are praying for me and my investigators, and i know you miss me alittle! :) 

Well life is pretty good here, and i was transfered again! I am here in Bahia Blanca in an area called Puntas Altas! my new comp. is Elder Bickmoore. he is from sandi utah and he seems to be a good missionary! My time in Rauch was short, and i would have liked to maybe accomplish more while i was there, but i know the lord has sent me where i need to be and im here for a reason to try to help my district and zone baptize! we are putting alot of focus on baptizing now in the mission, and we are really enfocused! we are going to see some great miracles! i know it!

This past week was good in rauch, and we were right about to have a baptism, but our investigator drank and smoke the night before his interview! it was devestating, and i think he was pretty sad as well, but they are going to work with him and i know he can get baptized! im very excited though to be in my new area and i feel that we will be able to have alot of sucess! i will let you know how things are going next week when i have more time in my  area, but just know that i love you all and im doing better than good here! thanks for all your prayers and love and support!

Elder Taysom

Ps: the photo is of my zone in Tandil!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hey everyone!

Wow tan is looking pretty huge, im going to have to workout alittle more! It is so crazy to think that the ward is moving on and now all the sophmores are seniors! haha it is sad how fast time goes by, and it never asks permission! Things sounds pretty good up there, and i loved the photo of dal on the mountian! im so proud of him for doing cross country, when i get back, we can run together! haha

Ya so this week i was in rama 3 of tandil! it was one of the best weeks i have ever had in the mission! and we only got to work 4 day because we had to go to Bahia Blanca to get my visa! we had 5 people come to church which is great because last week this area didnt have any! it was a week of hard work and much success! there were many miracles to! Like one day we were walking in the street and the ZL´s called us and said the we needed to go to Bahia manaña but that there was still time to set a baptismal date with someone! right when we got done talking, we knocked on the first door we saw and it was a young guy named pedro! He accepted the babtismal date and said he would come to church, but that he was going out of town so we wouldnt have contact until sunday at church! we thought it was an excuse to blow us off and not come to church, but sunday he was the first person at church! it was awesome and he said he loved it! we set a time were we could go visit him and his mom later that day! when we got to the house they let us in and then the mom asked what day we found pedro! we told her wednesday and then she started to cry! we were alittle confused, but then she told us that on wednesday in the afternoon that she prayed with all her might that her son (pedro) would find the right path of god! and we found pedro about 2 hours later! it was one the biggest testimony builders of my whole mission, and i had never felt the spirit so strong with an investigador before! this goes without saying, but the whole family accepted a baptismal date! It is crazy the miricles that happen when 2 elders work hard and are focused on baptising!

So this week was really good! we are going to have a zone activity for the sucess that we had as a zone! oh ya and we found this less active guy that is 70 years old, and he has a 7 year old daughter! haha it  is crazy because she is a Great aunt! no lie, a Great aunt! crazy things happen here in Argentina! i know a guy in rauch that is 18 and has a 5 year old son! i love this place!! well i got to go, but know i can feel your love and your prayers!

Elder Taysom

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hey everyone!

Things sound like they are going good! Tan has an I-phone now? well good for him he can send me emails from his phone now! haha i loved the photos of pioneer day, you all look so tan and warm. You need to send some heat my way! i think i could use it! haha it is pretty cold here at night, but the sleeping bag i have is keeping me warm just fine and some times im even hot at night!

This week was good and we had 2 investigators at chruch yesterday! i was good, but we were hoping for mas! i really like the idea of dad and the power of prayer! it is a great idea! prayer is a powerful tool, and when we are obiedient, he will bless us! There is a chapter in PMG that talks about it! chapter 4 is the section and that would be some great advise if you could pass it on to kason and cam! sometime the mission is tough, but like it say´s in ether 12:6 that we will recive a testimony and blessings only after the trail of our faith! im way excited for this up comming week because we are doing super-devisiones! i will be serving in a city called Tandil with a new elder for all of this week! it will be a great opportunidad for my greenie to get a chance to teach with someone else and kind of take the lead! i think we will have some real success this next week!

Well life is good here! We are just working hard and learning more and more every day! if you guys want to learn more about the bible and how the church started, you should study and try to teach Jehovahs witnesses! you can learn alot trying to study to teach them! haha but we are doing good and thanks for all your love and prayers! we can feel them!

Elder Taysom

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Wow im so happy that you guys had so many opportunities to share the gosple with others! those experiences are so great and are preparing you for missions! and tan is looking pretty big..... i guess! ;) but he will have to get alittle bigger if he wants to beat me!

This week was a week of work! we worked alot and had almost 30 lessons durring the week, which is good because the goal or our mission is to have 25! but none of our investiators came to church! it was rough! my comp. was kind of down in the dumps, but we were able to still work hard and find some good new people to teach! it is a good challenge for me, because this is the first time in my mission were i have had 2 weeks in a row without investigators in the chapel, but we are going to keep pushing! we have an 18 year old investigator that is going to go to youth conference this week, and we are praying that he will have a great spiritual time there! we have a lot of new people that we found this week, so ill let you know how they progress!

So this week was also good for my scripture study and i have learned so much! it is amazing when you have a question in mind and serch the scriptures for an awnser, how you can find exactly what you need, and more! i love the story how dad felt the youth should wear their shirts! spiritual impressions are real and i can testify to that. if we take the time to say a prayer and listen after, the spirit will guide us! i have seen it thousands of time in my mission! for example yesterday i felt we sould visit a contact from earlier in the week, but she lived far away from where we were! por suerte we went anyways and she was home, and we had a great lesson with her! just one example of what happens almost daily in the mission! well got to go, but i love and miss you all! i can feel your prayers and love!

Love elder taysom

ps the photos are of a lunch with a member and 2 young men form mar del plata!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hey everyone!

Ya! Argentina lost the finals, i dont think i have ever seen a sadder town in my life! it has been 24 years since they have won a world cup, and now it will be at least 28 years! haha the president of argentina said that if they won, no one would have to work today, but they still have to work so i can write you guys! man but yesterday we got no work done! we kind of just walked around for 4 hours. we tried to knock some doors, but as you can imagine that didnt work out to well! haha

This week was an ok week, but our investigadores arent progressing like we would like them too! they were, but we dont know what happened, and they all just seem to have come to a stand still! he have talked about it and we think we are going to focus alot on our teaching and how we can better it and apply it more to their lives! the members seem to be helping a bit more! it is awesome to see the diference when missionaries change the phrase " you have to" into " you can help us alot by"! i have really just been focusing on serving them, and showing love towards them, and they seem to be alot more willing to help us! we can feel your prayers mom!

So that was my week, and im kind of happy that the world cup is over so we can start to work really good again, but it was awesome to see all the crazy people go nuts when they won, and even more nuts when they lost! luckly im in a small town, so nothing happened! life here is pretty calm and peacful! we just go out and work! i found a scripture today that i love and it gives me great desires to serve the lord with all my heart! it is in alma 29:9! 

 I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

well i love you all and miss you too! thanks for all the love!

Elder Taysom

Ps: the pics are of my birthday!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hey everyone!

Sounds like you guys had a great week! i loved all the fotos that you sent! i always knew mom could grow facial hair! haha It is funny to see how much you all have grown, and that is great that dal ran a 5k! how did he do?

Well this week was a pretty good week. we had a lot of good lessons, but it rained all day saturday, and sunday which killed us on people comming to church! we only got 1 investigator to come to church! and our branch is pretty small anyways! yesterday a whole 19 people came to church! but 10 were under the age of 12 so our primery is doing great! haha we are having some sucess with our investigators, but the one thing holding like 3 people back from baptism is that they have to get married! and right know, no one wants to get married! its alittle hard, but i know they will come around!

Ya, so the name of my city is Rauch! i live Brown 575! ha and my b-day was pretty cool! we ate a bunch of food all day! we got invited to lunch, dinner, and dessert! it was great! my comp. bought me like a gallon of ice cream too and we downed the whole thing! the members here are really cool, but seem to be content with a small branch, and dont really want to work hard to try to better the branch, or to have more people come on sundays! but i think we will get some work out of them! haha! i recieved a lot of cards, and they were great! thanks for the photos of the cards i didnt recieve! i feel so special! haha ya so to answer your questions is that we dont have a branch pres. and onlly 3 priesthood holders, but 2 are under suspension, i dont know what they did! haha so basically we do everything! we teach all the classes and branch counsel is bacicllly us and 1 other guy! it is a great experiance! haha well i got to go, but just know i love you guys, and i can feel your prayers!

Love elder taysom

ps. now that i am back in a small town it is hard to send pics again, but next week for sure!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Things sound like they are going good up there! you all look so tan and in good shape! ;) I wish i could have seen dad trying to surf, or dallin getting up on a wake board! And i want to know who is the wake board king, because there cant be 3 of you! haha

Well things have changed alittle bit here for me! I have been transfered to a new area! haha my time in Mar Del Plata was short, but sweet! i have been transfered to a little town that is about the size of Beaver! haha it is tiny! it is and area of 12 blocks by 12 blocks! But i am really excited to serve here! im in a branch of about 20 members and we dont have a branch pres. so we kind of act as one! I am also training a new missionary, he is from paraguay, his name is Elder Figueredo and he seems like a good new missionary ready to work! he has been here about 2 weeks, but his tranier left, and i came in so now im his step-dad! i dont know much about the areá but is it ALOT colder than in mar del plata! haha!

I was alittle suprized to hear that i was leaving and going to train a new elder, but the lord has a plan, i just have to have faith that he knows better than i, and if i can be an instrument in his hand, we can acomplish great things together! well i got to go, but just know i love you all and i can feel your love and prayers! 


Elder Taysom

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hey everyone!

How are you guys! Thanks so much for all the cards that i got! haha they were awesome, and everyone in my zone thinks im way popular! haha It was nice to here from all of you and see how your doing! things sound like they are going pretty good up there, and it looks hot! But you all look good and tan!

This week was pretty good for us! but it rained sunday in the morning, so only one of our investigators came to church! E and Gare doing great, and E was able to recieve and answer to his prayers that the book of mormon is true! he accepted a babtism date for the 12 of july! it was a huge testimony builder to know that if someone really does search the truth with all thier heart, might mind and strength, then He will give them an answer! C´s husband still is skeptical, but has commited to come to church! And we found a new family of 6 that we are teaching now! ill let you know how they are comming next week, but they seem pretty prepared to accept the gospel! 

Oh and that is the last time i send you guys picks of the appartment! haha we spent like 3 hours trying to srub that stuff, but it is so humid here, that is just wont come off! every house in argentina has that stuff in there bathroom! But it´s not mold or anything, it is just moisture, and we have repainted the bathroom, 2 times! the humitity is a killer! Yes, we have a frigde, but the power went out here for like 3 days last week, and when it came back on, our fridge broke, but it is getting fixed now! Haha Argentina is the best! anyway i got to go, but i love you all and am so greatful for you love and prayers! 

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hey everyone!

Sounds like everything is going good up there! Tan almost looks as good as me with his braces off! haha and i dont think i believe that mom got over a ten foot wall, but it could have happened, after all i do believe in miracles! haha love you mom!!! :)

This week was a good week! we found some really great people. E and G are progressing along great, but sadly they didnt come to church! E´s dad came into town saturday and they spent the day with him! but they said they are going to come next week which is good! And C (who is the mom of the girl we baptized about 3 weeks ago) still comes to church every sunday, but her husband still doesnt want to get married! it is sad, but we keep praying everyday! We just keep working and we know the blessing will come! for us and for our investigadors!

To answer some questions, yes i use my sleeping bag and my coat, and they do keep me warm for the most part, but unfortunatly winter just started 2 days ago, so we still have some pretty cold day´s ahead of us! Oh and it is soo cool down here becuase of the World Cup! When Argentina is plyaing, no one will talk with us, and i mean no one! haha so we walk around and sometime the members let us in, but just cause it is cold outside, and they watch the game while we talk about argentina and stuff! haha but i love it! well i got to go, but thanks for everything and i love and miss you all! 

Elder Taysom