Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, April 28, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Wow things sound pretty crazy up there! i loved the pics at the live stock show! they were awesome! man those were good times at the live stock show! haha this week was an ok week for us. well yesterday your our outside gate door broke and we couldnt get in to our house so we were stuck outside for like 3 1/2 hours! we couldnt go work either becuase we were in normal cloths because we were painting a school! we didnt have keys to the garage because we dont have a car so we tried to yell for our neighbors but no one heard us! finally we got the cell number of one of our neighbors and called him and he left work and let us in through the garage door! haha it was crazy!

This week we were working really hard with and investigator named L! she is a really good person and we are trying to get her to quit smoking so she can get baptized! the only problem is that she doesnt want to go to church on sunday because she says her back hurts! she was in an accident about 6 year ago and her back has been destroyed! she cant sit in cars or ride bikes so she has to walk everywhere, and the walk to church hurts her back alot. she was does not want to come to church! its hard but i think with some faith and some good friends in the church she will start to come! we have also found some good new investigators! one is a tattoo artist and he let me hold his tattoo pen, it was pretty cool, but now we have to teach that tattoo´s are bad. that is going to be interesting! haha

To answer some of your questions yes i can print of papers, and i can skype any time you guys want.Write me this week and i will respond with an answer! and im feeling great, not sick anymore! And the lord is really helping us, we find new and prepared people everyday! we can really feel your prayers! thanks for all the love an support from home! love and miss you all!

Elder Taysom

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Happy Easter! sounds like you guys had an awesome time up there! this week was an ok week! we found some awesome new investigadors, and we contacted a ton! its hard when we were only left with 2 investigadors and they weren´t progressing that well! but i know through hard work and dedication we are going to start having some real sucess! no news on the lobosco fam, but 2 investigators of mine are getting baptised on saturday! im so happy i got to teach them and progress the to baptism! its hard becuase i taught them for like 3 months, and now there getting baptized, but at least ill get to see it! Its kind of wierd here becuase easter is kind of big, but at the same time small! down here it is like thier fall break, so they dont have school all week for semana santa! everybody say´s happy easter, but there is no decorations or anything! they do have chocolate eggs, but you only give one to a person and thats it! there is no easter bunny in all of south america! there is 2 elders in our house from colombia and chile, and they had never heard of an easter bunny! and no there is no easter cow tampoco! but the catholic church does like a huge parade where everyone just walks behind a big cross with a little doll of jesus on it! it was really weird! but in big cities, people actually act out the crusifiction of christ, with real people and everything! its crazy and i thought it a bit more disrespectful that like showing respect for christ! but i guess that is just the culture down here! 

To answer some of your questions, yes there is toilet paper and you can flush it, but we just use the badea ( i have no idea how to spell the thing that shoots water up to clean your bum). after about 3 months i got used to using it and now i use it every day! i like it more than toilet paper now! haha i dont know if i have eaten anything wierd yet, but me and elder mcarthur ate some sushi this week and it was very good! He had the california roll, and i got the sweet roll! it was awesome! i loved the videos you sent, but cam´s wisdom teeth one had no sound and i dont what happened? im sure it was way funny!

Well i got to go, but thanks for all your love and prayers for me and my investigators!!! we can feel it!

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Dal´s pig is looking pretty good from what i can see! and i like the little dance the cam was doing! i think i might try out some of those moves when i feel like dancing!

This week was slow but good. well i was sick for 2 days which kind of sucked, but all is good now! i think i had the 24 hour flu, but i was vomiting and using the bathroom alot and the whole 9 yards, so Hermana Perreño sent me to the doctor and they gave me a shot! i think it was border like breaking the law of chastity because the doctor was a girl and she gave me the shot on my bum! that wasnt that bad, but after the shot, she gave me alittle smack, right on my bare bum! it was crazy, but ive repented and were all good now!! haha

we did alot of contacting this week, but none of which progressed into real investigators. it was a tought first week and it was hard to transition from having 5 or so investigators at church every week to none! but its like when i arrived in trenque lauqen, we had none, and after about 2 or 3 months of hard work, we had some success. we just need to do some good hard work for the next few week and we will see some miricle! like when the sons of mosiah were thrown in prision and beaten and stuff like that. the lord said to be "diligent in your afflictions and i will establish my church by your hand", and then they baptised a ton of laminites! im just waiting to baptise a lot of "laminities" haha i went kind of missionary mode on you there, sorry but it was kind of fun!

Ya my new comp is from pleseant grove! he has a year and 3 months in the mission, but im the senior comp. not quite sure why because he is a good guy, but i thinks it is because my spanish is better then his. he has a tough time with it, his grammer is great, but the people cant understand what he says. haha its kind of funny! we get along real well and he is a good guy! im not sure about letters, but ill ask and write you next week! oh i just got dads letter! ill right more next week! thanks for everything!!

Love you all!!

Elder taysom!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hey Everyone!
Things sound like they are going good up there! Things have change alittle bit for me down here! Im still in Trenque Lauqen, but i have a new comp. Elder Macarther from Utah! And i changed areas! In Trenque Lauqen there is 2 comps. Trenque Lauqen A and Trenque Lauqen B. i moved from B to A. normally this isnt a big deal, but all my investigators are from T.L. B. so now i dont teach the L Fam, or any others. They belong to my old comp and his new comp. The Elders before us didnt have much sucess and left us with only 2 investigators! Im alittle sad that i wont get to teach the L fam any more, but i know they will accept the góspel and progress to baptism! And i think i will be in Trenque Lauqen to see it, even if im not one of the missionaries who baptized them! Im very excited to work with my new comp. He seems like a real good guy! I know its going to be difficult but im excited for the challange!

Oh and i have a Little bit of sad news! I cant recieve packages anymore! Its to expensive for the misión! But thats ok you can give me alot of stuff when i come home!!! And yes i can get videos! I dont have any dog stories in particular, but there is just alot of dogs, i use my dazer sometimes, but if i forget it it works just as well to bend down and pick up a rock! They think i am going to through it at them and they run away! And as for miricles there has been a ton! Just the fact that we consistantly have 6-8 investigadors at church every Sunday is a huge miricle! It is unheard of to have that many investigators at church!! I will try to look for specific miricles to write about next week!! I hope this answered your questions! Keep sending me them i love to answer them!

Well thanks for all your prayers and love and know that i can feel them and my invesigators can feel them too!!

Love elder Taysom