Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hey everyone,

Things sound pretty good up there! Thanks for all your comments and prayers for the L fam. They help alot! It was awesome to here about your missionary experiances dad and to see old Brown in her old glory! Haha

This week was pretty good! We found some good new investigators and had some good lessons! And we walked alot! The L family left town for a few days so we didnt get to meet with them much, but we have a lesson with them today and we hope to resolve thier concerns and doubts. I sure it all goes well and we can resolve thier doubt about tithing! Also we have transfers this week so next Monday i might be writing you guys from a new area, well there is a really good chance, because the ass. To the pres. called elder ayala and asked how he would feel about having 4 sister missionaries in my area and moving out 2 elders! But ill let you know! The misión is just buzzing right along and we are doing good!

Today im on a fast computer so i have time to send photos which im way happy about! And im also way excited for general conference! We get to watch all the sessions but not preisthood becuase it start at like 9 at night here! Im kind of bummed but way excited to here conference! It might be allittle hard for me to understand becuase it is translated in spanish in real time, but im still excited!

Thanks for all your prayers and love for me and my investigators! We can feel your love and it really helps the work progress! If you have any questions write me an ill answer them!! Love you all!

Elder taysom!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hey everyone,

How are you all doing? That is so awesome that cam is going to mexico! We can speak in spanish together when we get back! Haha sorry i dont have much time, because today is a holiday and our normal computer store is closed. This computer is very slow and i dont think my photos are going to load in time, but lets hope! Haha

To be honest this week was kind of dissapointing. Well very disappointing, the L Family didn´t pass thier baptismal interview! They have a problem with the law of tithing because they have very Little Money. I wished that they had metioned this to us before they went into the interview, but they didnt! It was one of the hardest moments in my misión to see a family come so close, but then not pass the ¨test¨. They still want to keep meeting with us, but they keep pushing off their appointments and only 2 of them came to church on Sunday! It was a bummer, but i keep my spirits up and try to think of the positives and that helps me alot! We have found some good new investigators and they seem to be progressing well! We just keep working and when we work hard, people will progress in the góspel and miricles will happen! Im just waiting with faith for a few miracles, but i know they will come!

To answer some of your questions, it is starting to get a Little cold, but not to bad, and know i wont need boots. Haha my shoes and clothes are holding pretty well and im quite impressed! I dream in spanish a Little, but its more like spanglish! Haha and my english class is doing good! And Alot of scriptures inspire me! For example today in my personal study i read the story of nephi breaking his bow! Everyone in his family started to complain, even lehi, but nephi didnt, he made the best out of a bad situation, and he asked the lord for help. That is what i am trying to do with the L family. Ask the lord for help and not complian! I find scritpures like this all the time in my personal study! Its so cool i find new things every day!!
Well got to go, but just know that i miss all of you and i can feel your love!!!

Elder taysom!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hey Everyone!

How are you all doing! the past week sounded pretty good for you guys! Aunt hydie sent some pics to me of when i was a baby, and man was i a cute kid! Anyway, im going to try really hard to get some pics to you guys, but remember that im in argentina, and the technology here is alot different than up there in the great white north! it is alot slower to send pics! i´m happy you got the pic i sent, i took about 30 min to load on to the computer! haha it is crazy, but all part of the wonderfulo land of Argentina! This past week was pretty good! we had a multi-zone conference in Bahia Blanca which was good! An elder avila came to speak to us and it was a good experiace! I also found out why my package took so long to get here! mom accidentally wrote Bajia Blanca, not Bahia blanca! haha so funny and all the elders in my house laughed!! haha

This week for me was awesome. this saturday is the baptism of the L family!!!!! all 5 of them!!! im so excited! we finally found what there doubt was and answered it with the spirit!!! they are very excited too! they have alot of interest in temples and having an eternal family!! im so excited that they gained a testomony of the gospel and chose to be baptsized! we are having alot of success with them, but are other investiagors are starting to not keep their commitments and starting to regress! it is kind of frustrating! when we focus alot of effort on some investigators, our strong investigators start to fall! But i know that if we have faith, they will begin to see that the gospel is a huge blessing in their lives!!

To answer a couple of questions, we leave the house about 11 in the morning to work and come back about 12:30 for lunch, then we leave about 1:30 to work and come back about 9 at night. from 8 to 11 in the morning is personal study, comp. study, language study! the weather is starting to get a little chilly, but im excited for it! and for service we do all kinds of stuff, most recently we painted a house! anyway i got to go, but know that i can feel all your love and prayers for me and my investigators, and your prayers are being answered!!

Love you all!!

Elder Taysom

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hey Everyone!
Im glad things are going good up there! its sounds busy, but i guess that is life right! thanks for all the questions that you wrote that i can respond to! it makes writing alot easier!! Also i recivied my package last tuesday! it was awesome, thanks so much for the cool stuff you sent me and the food! tell the ward thanks for me too! thanks for the net to! sadly it is no longer summer here and the bugs have all died, but i will surley use it next summer!!

This week has been pretty good! we have been working alot with A ( our recent convert) and have some good sucess! we realized that our investigators want to be baptized, but they dont have a real storng conversion or testomony! as missionaries we dont like this because it probably means that they will beccome less active after we leave! it was a problem for me and my comp. so this past week we really worked hard to progress our investigators, not to baptism, but to real conversion! it was great! they still all have dates for baptism, but now they are starting to gain testomonies!! its a great lesson for me to learn in my mission! somtimes we just push for baptism and not for true conversion! i thinks thats what happens alot here in this area! for example there are 635 members of the curch here in Trenque Lauqen, but only 80 are active! so we are really trying for real conversion, not just baptism, and it is going really well!

Unfortunatly, our zone is not doing so well! my and elder ayala are the only comps. in the zone that have people with dates for baptism, and the only that have people comming to church! but i hope that this past week was just a bad week and that all will be well from now on!!

so ya thats how im doing! to awnswer some of your questions, my normal day is 630 wake up, 700-800 exercice, 8-11 study,11-12 or so is lunch, and 1-9 is work! that is the normal day! no i havent been sick yet, and im eating well! I do like rice now, and it is even better with ketchup! i havent eaten anything wierd, but some peolpe in my zone ate and armadillo the other day! haha they said it tasted like turkey, it has dark meat and white meat just like a turkey which is kind of wierd!
Any way i got to send some pics, but just know i love you all and i can really feel all your love and prayers for me!!!

Love elder taysom

Monday, March 3, 2014

Hola everyone!!!
All sound good and well up there and aunt Joan tells me that it was like in the 70´s or so up there! its alittle hotter down here, but it is starting to cool off which is good! WOW that is so awesome that ryan is serving in argentina, tell him to send me and e-mail and i can answer his questoins! thanks for letting me know, if you guys find out where other of my friends are going, let me know to! Im really sorry, but today is a holiday, and the normal tienda we use is closed, so we are at a different one and this computer doesnt have a slot to put my memory card in! :(

This week was an ok week! we didnt find as many new investigators as we wanted, but we did have the wedding of the L family! it was so cool to see an agrentine wedding! actualy because not very many people get married in argentina, the weddings are very simple and last about 15 mins! haha it is like they want to get in and out at fast a possible! haha but i am so glad that they are progressing well and have made the choice to be baptized, they only problem is that the dad had to go to work on sunday and only 2 of the children came to church, so now they have to get baptized the following week! it is really frustrating when an investigator misses church, because their baptism always gets push back a week! Oh on a kind of cool note, Diego (one of the kids in the L family) just turned 14 on friday! he is only 6 days older than dallin!! its cool to thinks that some one thousands of miles away is accepting the gosple and taking the steps to recieve the preistood, just like dal!

Also our old investigator A, who was baptized, recieved the preistood this past sunday and he can pass the sacrament next sunday! it´s so cool to see A make these steps in his life, because before he had problems with smoking and drugs and didnt have a very happy life! now he has lots of freinds in the branch with the same values and it is just way cool to see how the gospel blesses the lives of the people that we teach!

So ya, all is well here and we are just working hard to get some new investigators and progress them to baptism! I so wish i could send you guys some pics, but next week for sure i will send some! Thanks for all your prayers and love for me and my comp. and our investigators! We can really feel all your love from the great white north!! Love you all so much and miss you too!!
Love Elder Taysom
Ps: i still haven´t recived my package, but i probably will tomarrow!!