Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Things sound like they are going good up there! you all look so tan and in good shape! ;) I wish i could have seen dad trying to surf, or dallin getting up on a wake board! And i want to know who is the wake board king, because there cant be 3 of you! haha

Well things have changed alittle bit here for me! I have been transfered to a new area! haha my time in Mar Del Plata was short, but sweet! i have been transfered to a little town that is about the size of Beaver! haha it is tiny! it is and area of 12 blocks by 12 blocks! But i am really excited to serve here! im in a branch of about 20 members and we dont have a branch pres. so we kind of act as one! I am also training a new missionary, he is from paraguay, his name is Elder Figueredo and he seems like a good new missionary ready to work! he has been here about 2 weeks, but his tranier left, and i came in so now im his step-dad! i dont know much about the areĆ” but is it ALOT colder than in mar del plata! haha!

I was alittle suprized to hear that i was leaving and going to train a new elder, but the lord has a plan, i just have to have faith that he knows better than i, and if i can be an instrument in his hand, we can acomplish great things together! well i got to go, but just know i love you all and i can feel your love and prayers! 


Elder Taysom

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hey everyone!

How are you guys! Thanks so much for all the cards that i got! haha they were awesome, and everyone in my zone thinks im way popular! haha It was nice to here from all of you and see how your doing! things sound like they are going pretty good up there, and it looks hot! But you all look good and tan!

This week was pretty good for us! but it rained sunday in the morning, so only one of our investigators came to church! E and Gare doing great, and E was able to recieve and answer to his prayers that the book of mormon is true! he accepted a babtism date for the 12 of july! it was a huge testimony builder to know that if someone really does search the truth with all thier heart, might mind and strength, then He will give them an answer! C´s husband still is skeptical, but has commited to come to church! And we found a new family of 6 that we are teaching now! ill let you know how they are comming next week, but they seem pretty prepared to accept the gospel! 

Oh and that is the last time i send you guys picks of the appartment! haha we spent like 3 hours trying to srub that stuff, but it is so humid here, that is just wont come off! every house in argentina has that stuff in there bathroom! But it´s not mold or anything, it is just moisture, and we have repainted the bathroom, 2 times! the humitity is a killer! Yes, we have a frigde, but the power went out here for like 3 days last week, and when it came back on, our fridge broke, but it is getting fixed now! Haha Argentina is the best! anyway i got to go, but i love you all and am so greatful for you love and prayers! 

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hey everyone!

Sounds like everything is going good up there! Tan almost looks as good as me with his braces off! haha and i dont think i believe that mom got over a ten foot wall, but it could have happened, after all i do believe in miracles! haha love you mom!!! :)

This week was a good week! we found some really great people. E and G are progressing along great, but sadly they didnt come to church! E´s dad came into town saturday and they spent the day with him! but they said they are going to come next week which is good! And C (who is the mom of the girl we baptized about 3 weeks ago) still comes to church every sunday, but her husband still doesnt want to get married! it is sad, but we keep praying everyday! We just keep working and we know the blessing will come! for us and for our investigadors!

To answer some questions, yes i use my sleeping bag and my coat, and they do keep me warm for the most part, but unfortunatly winter just started 2 days ago, so we still have some pretty cold day´s ahead of us! Oh and it is soo cool down here becuase of the World Cup! When Argentina is plyaing, no one will talk with us, and i mean no one! haha so we walk around and sometime the members let us in, but just cause it is cold outside, and they watch the game while we talk about argentina and stuff! haha but i love it! well i got to go, but thanks for everything and i love and miss you all! 

Elder Taysom


Monday, June 9, 2014

Hey everyone!
How are you guys liking summer break!! I wish you could send me a little bit of heat! haha. Things sound like they are going good! Dads email was so funny because he said mom spent all week looking for a rock worth a lot of money, and i thought she was looking for a new wedding ring!! haha. you will have to let me know if tan gets the job or not! 

This week was an ok week for us! we started off finding a lot of really prepared people and having a lot of really good lessons! but by the end of the week we didnt and it was a little complicated! we couldnt get in touch with alot of them and none came to church! it was good to start off the week good, but now we need to finish good! Carlos ( the guy that had his wife pass away) is doing good! he told his boss that he cant work on sundays because he needs to come to church, and his boss agreed, but at the last second they needed him to work, so he didnt come! But we found a guy this week that is really prepared! he had a couple of people in his dance class that were members of the church. this was about 5 or 6 years ago! Luckily they where courageous and gave him a book of mormon at the end of the year! when we found him, he had already read it like 3 times and he believes that it is true! we are teaching him and he is progressing great! With that said, dont be afriad talk to people about the gospel! maybe they dont want anything, but every seed you plant can be like this guy, and when the missionaries find them, they will be prepared to hear our message!

To answer some questions, me and elder bagley are doing good! my favorite food here is empanadas or the barbeque´s here they are soooooo good! our house is bad because its really old and we have 6 elders living in 2 rooms, one for study and one for sleep! but we grow close together! OH and i live with Elder Chica now!! he was my dad in the mission! haha. i heard that we can recive packages if the things inside arent ilegal and the things inside are less than 100 dollars in total! you might want to do some searching to see if that is true! well i got to go, but i love you all alot and thanks for all you prayers!

Elder taysom


It was so good!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hey everyone

Wow things sound like they are going good! i loved the pics you sent! haha tanner im sorry but your going to have to get a little bigger if you want to beat me in an arm wrestle! haha Im way happy to hear Weston is getting better! And that it awesome to hear that dal played the piano for the baptism! tell brycen that im so proud of him!! we just baptized a girl about his same age! we are just waiting for her mom now, and her husband still doesnt want to get married!

We did find some great people this week though! we found a family of 5 that has a baptismal date! they are going to get the papers for marrige tomorrow! We also had an awesome experience! My comp. found a guy that was really prepared to hear our message before i got here! but he stopped by the 2nd time and his wife got really mad and tore up the book we gave him! she said she did not want to ever see us again! it was kind of sad, becuase he was so prepared to hear our message! the other day we were walking down the street and we felt like we should stop by for a visit! we knocked on the door and he answered it, and it turns out the the wife had passed away just 3 days earlier! we had an awesome lesson about the plan of salvation and he was very comforted by the spirit! it was a huge miracle! not that she passed away, but that we had the opportunity to teach him and that we was ready to listen! soooo cool!

Well i dont have much time left, but to answer a few questions we do have good things to eat here! we have a mcdonalds and a burger king! haha but the traditional argentine food it way better! it is cold here, but my winter stuff is keeping me warm! And it is really different from my last area! im sending pics so you will be able to see how it is! well i love you all lots and thanks for all the support!!

Elder Taysom