Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hey everyone

Sounds like everyone is doing good! and Jeremy looks bigger than ever!! but there were some faces in the pics i didnt recognize. who are they. and also for now i extended, but we get a new pres. of the mission in july, and i also have to talk him into letting me extend, but i think i will be able to.

This week was ok, but we only worked one day in our area which really hurt us, but we found some really prepared people and i sure hope we will be able to help them progress and come to the waters of baptism. but things are going well and im growing spiritually every day. i never knew how interesting the bible is! I have learned more in the last couple months about the bible and the life of Christ than i have with my 18 years in church at home. i probably should have studied the scriptures more right? haha

Thanks for the money to buy pants im going to buy some today. but ya just loving the work and enjoying the spiritual experiences i am having everyday. and thanks for the info about dixie state, that is definitely  were i will be going! but that is still so far away so ya. nothing too weird has happened to me this week, well a girl asked me out on a date, but i had to tell her no. that was kind of weird i quess, oh and we went to go visit a little town outside of bahia, and like 20 people came to hear us, it felt like those church movies when they teach like 30 people, it was awesome and many drove to church that was like 45 min. away! that was way cool. and also i was getting a hair cut from another elder in the house and while he was cutting the head fell off and just buzzed my head ( ill send pics), so we will see how i fix this one :(  Well i love you all and thanks for everything you do for me and the blessing i recive from your prayers. love you all!!!!!

Love Elder Taysom

The pics are of my hair accident and an elder that got a dear john! haha

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hey everyone!

Sorry for not writing in the morning, things got complicated in the morning, but now im here. things sound like they are going good! i like the pic of bro lukengue! its way funny.

This week was good, but we need to buckle down alittle more! we spent alot of time outside the area, and that might have hurt us alittle becuse only 2 people came to church with us. but we should have some more time in our own area to get more people out to church! We are working with a couple great investigadors! we hope they will progress well and that all goes well with them.

Im doing well and im doing great with my comp., he is a stud and we love it together! he is trying to get me to go to byu, but ill have to see how that goes! haha but all is well, to answer some questions im doing well on pants but i could use a pair. i think the easiest way is to just put money on my own card and ill buy some here. if you could let me now next week how much money i have on there that would be sweet! well i love you all, thanks for all you do and for your prayers and love! love you all!!! 

Love Elder taysom

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hey everyone,

Things are looking good. i loved the pictures of you guys at disneyland, but my only question is why you guys decided to take a picture right in front of the liquor Store. haha and why is wade missing? did he go inside to buy the "goods" while you guys took the pic? haha but you all look good and maybe tan and dal should work on their surfing skills just a little. haha

This week was good, we worked hard and everything went well in the baptism of axel. Jorge and axel were both pretty excited and pretty happy. We hope to have some more success in the weeks that come. we have some great people that we are teaching and they are progressing, but they need to come to church a little more to be able to enter into the waters of baptism. but just know that i see many miracles everyday. My testimony grows every day, and my faith changes into perfect knowledge little by little!! 

Im doing well and my comp too. he is a real good guy and we work well together!! i keep running into that drunk guy again and again. he tries to sell me his old bread so he can buy more wine. haha the other day he said he wanted my comp and me to marry his daughter so that he could have little american babies!! hahaha it was funny! but ya everything is good and im doing well! thanks for all your prayers and love and just know i love you all and that i feel your support all the way down here! Love you all!!

Love car

Ps. we split the hamburpizza between 4 of us!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hey everyone!

Things sounds like they are going well! haha right now im writing and im with a member/ convert that we baptized a few months ago, and i was showing him pictures of the fam! i dont want to be mean or anything, but he said that i look like tanners twin just skinnier with less muscles! but that will change!

This last week was good. we were going to have the baptism of Axel ( the son of jorge who was baptized last week) but he went to the beach last week and got sunned burned, but bad. he couldnt put a shirt on so he didnt come to church! but we are planning that he will get baptized this week! please pray for him! we are teaching a lot, but we dont have anyone solid for this next week, but we have some people progressing well!! Im growing everyday spiritually and just loving serving the lord and his children!

This past week was cool, i dont think anything weird happened, i traveled alot and just worked! today is the birthday of the member im with, so we are going to go to a restaurant and party, but within the missionary rules! but ya just know i love you all and that im just loving being a missionary! thanks for all your love and support and prayers! love you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Taysom

ps. the picture is of a "hamburpizza", its a hamburger the size of a pizza! not very healthy!!