Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey Everyone!

It sounds like life is just buzzing along up there! Hope all is well with Nanny and that she heals fast! This week was a good week! we had the baptism of A and i got to baptize and girl from the branch! Its actually kind of funny that you asked about my camera, because i kind of fixed it with some duct-tape, and was able to take some pictures before the baptisms, but after i baptized A, i felt somthing in my pocket and i was my camera! haha now it is broken for good! haha but im in the process of  buying another one! its just another hazard of the mission i guess! haha

Oh and i am not leaving my area!! im so excited! it is truely a miracle! everyone in my zone was sure i was going to leave because after you training is done, the new missionary and the trainer always seperate! i was praying really hard the whole week that i wouldn´t leave and i fasted last saturday, and my prayers where awsnered!! im so excited because we are having alot of success in this area! we have 2 families getting married this week and thier baptisms and the following week! we also have alot of investigators keeping their commitments! One funny story is that we have and investigator that smokes! he has a plan to quit and he has been following it. the economy here is pretty bad right now and he had to spend his money on food and he didnt have enough left to buy some smokes! haha its funny how the lord works to help his children overcome thier addictions!

To awnser some on moms questions, i havent recived the package yet, but probably the next week i will. no i have not been hurt or sick ( im pretty lucky) yes we exercise every morining, but it is mostly sit-ups and push-ups. I have lost a little bit of wait, well like when i left the mtc i was 100 kilos ( not sure how many pounds but i think like 200) and now im about 78 kilos ( about 156 pounds) haha. my belts are down to the lats hole! haha how funny!

Anyway got to go but thanks so much for all of your prayers and your love for me and my investigators. we can really feel your prayers and your love!!! Love you all!!!

Elder taysom

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hey everyone!
Things sound like there are going pretty good up there! Im doing pretty good down here too! This week has been awesome! we have alot of investigators that are really progressing! me and elder ayala had 10 investigators at church!!! it was so awsome to finally get alot of investigators at church!!! also we have 2 families that are investigating the church! they have a baptsimal date for the first of march! the only problem was that niether of the parents of both families are married! we were alittle scared to bring up the law of chastity with them and to tell them that they needed to be married, but when we taught the lesson, both families accepted it and are going to be married the 28th of this month!!!! it was a huge blessing and i am so happy for them! we also have the baptism of A this wed. A is the kid that had trouble quiting smoking, but through many lessons and many time feeling the spirit, he stopped!!! it is also cool that he his being baptized this wed. because it is his birthday!!! he is really excited!!! Also a young girl in the ward that lives with her mom and sister is turnning 8 this week! She attends my english class every week and i guess she likes me becuase she asked me to baptize her this friday! I was really touched and am so excited to do that for her!!! Also the sisters missionaries have a baptism this week also and the investigator is and sweet old lady, but she is pretty fat. she also asked me to baptize her because im the biggest missaionary in the branch!!! haha i found it funny, but i am also excited for that opportunity!!!
It is soooo cool to finnaly see the fruits of me and elder ayala´s hard work, the only problem is that this sunday is transfers, and im done with my tranning!! normally after tranning the new missionary gets a new comp. and because elder ayala only has 1 transfer here and i have 2, there is a chance i could leave the area!!! Im praying really hard and i fasted yesterday that i wont leave, and that i will be able to see that "fruits of my labor", but if i do leave i know its because the lord needs me some where else!!!!
Anyway that is how my week went! And to answer the questions of Tom, and Char, and Becca, Yes there is alot of trees here, way more than in ST. Georege, sadly there is no monkey´s, but i here that in the south west part of Argentina there is and that the people there eat them!!!! carzy! And YES!!! i Love teaching the people here and seeing them progress in the gospel!! anyway thanks for all your love and support for me and my investigatores! i can really feel all your prayers!!!! Love you all!!
Elder taysom

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hey everyone!
Wow things sound pretty busy and carzy there! i still dont quite understand why dallin thought that ranch and bacon flavored soda would be good, but maybe when i return i will try some! haha this week was pretty good! we had 4 of our investigators attend church and one that was waiting for us to come get him, but he didnt answer his phone so we didnt go get him! we also have 2 people that might be baptized this saturday, but there is a chance that they will be leaving out of town on friday so I will let you know how it goes!

There were a couple of questions about what i do on p-day, so here it is. sadly it is a mission rule that we cant play b-ball or soccer! it sucks but most p days we play ping pong at the chapel! it pretty fun because my comp is actually pretty good! we can play football catch but not the game of football which is pretty sad! i guess you could say my mission pres. is pretty strict, but so many missionaies got hurt playing sport that now it is a rule! :( oh and today me and my comp are going to visit a family of investigators and they are going to teach us how to make pastires and things like that! the 2 children of the family might get baptized this saturday, but the mom and dad aren´t married and so they cant get married for another 3 weeks or so!

Anyways i dont have much time today because i have to take this survey, but just know that im doing good, and the work is really progressing! the hardest part right now is those investigators that have baptism dates miss church one week or have a smoke on day and it really hard, but i know if i can keep up a good spirit and rely on the lord, blessings will come and great things will happen!!! love you all and thanks for all the prayers and love you sen from the great white north!!!! :)
Love Elder Taysom

Monday, February 3, 2014

Hey Everyone!!!
This week was hot, but it did rain the last 2 days which was nice! I also recieved letters in the mail for hydie this past tuesday and i think she sent them before christmas so i think it takes about a month or so to recieve things for the US! it was awesome to see paycen and brycen´s drawings! they said that bolton has started talking with the missionarys, ask them how thats going for me will ya! anyway life sounds preatty busy there which is normal for this time of year i guess! Im doing pretty good and this week was awesome! we had 5 of our investigators attend church! its really important that investigators attend church becuase we have alot of investigators with baptismal dates, but they have to attend church 3 times before they can get baptized! me and elder ayala worked really hard to get investigators there and thourgh alot of work and prayer we got them there!! we also found this new investigator who is awesome! he came to church and wants us to visit him every day! he has accepted the baptismal date for 22nd of Feb. is name is J.

Sadly N kept saying she didn´t know if she was ready so we told her we needed an answer by the next visit and she said she would have one! she went and talked with her Pastor and he said it was her choice, but he didnt want it for her! she thanked us for all the lessons we taught her and we could visit her anytime we wanted, but that she didnt want to change church´s! I have to admit i was a little mad at her and sad to! I know that she has felt the spirit and knows that it is right, but she did not act on the answer she recived! My comp. brought up a good point that we are representatives of jesus christ and that our purpose is to invite others to come unto christ, but not force them. everyone has the right to choose for themselves! somtimes as missionaries we want to force the people to accept baptism, but thats not gods plan, they need to choose! it must be very hard for heavenly father to see his children use their agency to make bad choices, but i am way glad that i learned this lesson early in my mission rather than late! so thats what i learned this week i guess!
Anyway im doing good, and i havent been sick yet! im starting to understand people better now which is really good! some people are easy to understand and others i thinks that they are speaking a language other than spanish! haha but life is good an i am loving the mission! thanks for the recipies mom, and yes i can get pictures. Thanks for all you guys have done for me and i love you Lots! i dont miss you that much, but i love you lots!! haha ok maybe i miss you alittle! :)

Love Elder Taysom