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Monday, February 3, 2014

Hey Everyone!!!
This week was hot, but it did rain the last 2 days which was nice! I also recieved letters in the mail for hydie this past tuesday and i think she sent them before christmas so i think it takes about a month or so to recieve things for the US! it was awesome to see paycen and brycen´s drawings! they said that bolton has started talking with the missionarys, ask them how thats going for me will ya! anyway life sounds preatty busy there which is normal for this time of year i guess! Im doing pretty good and this week was awesome! we had 5 of our investigators attend church! its really important that investigators attend church becuase we have alot of investigators with baptismal dates, but they have to attend church 3 times before they can get baptized! me and elder ayala worked really hard to get investigators there and thourgh alot of work and prayer we got them there!! we also found this new investigator who is awesome! he came to church and wants us to visit him every day! he has accepted the baptismal date for 22nd of Feb. is name is J.

Sadly N kept saying she didn´t know if she was ready so we told her we needed an answer by the next visit and she said she would have one! she went and talked with her Pastor and he said it was her choice, but he didnt want it for her! she thanked us for all the lessons we taught her and we could visit her anytime we wanted, but that she didnt want to change church´s! I have to admit i was a little mad at her and sad to! I know that she has felt the spirit and knows that it is right, but she did not act on the answer she recived! My comp. brought up a good point that we are representatives of jesus christ and that our purpose is to invite others to come unto christ, but not force them. everyone has the right to choose for themselves! somtimes as missionaries we want to force the people to accept baptism, but thats not gods plan, they need to choose! it must be very hard for heavenly father to see his children use their agency to make bad choices, but i am way glad that i learned this lesson early in my mission rather than late! so thats what i learned this week i guess!
Anyway im doing good, and i havent been sick yet! im starting to understand people better now which is really good! some people are easy to understand and others i thinks that they are speaking a language other than spanish! haha but life is good an i am loving the mission! thanks for the recipies mom, and yes i can get pictures. Thanks for all you guys have done for me and i love you Lots! i dont miss you that much, but i love you lots!! haha ok maybe i miss you alittle! :)

Love Elder Taysom

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