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Monday, January 27, 2014

Hey everyone!

How are you all doing! Poor Lindsay! i sure hope she recovers fine and that she wont have any complications! wow your guys´s week sounds crazy! im doing preatty good hear! Sorry i cant send pics yet! the normal store we use is closed until the 30th because the people are on vacation! this new store doesnt have a plug-in spot for the camera! and i might end up having to buy a new one soon because the spot where the batteries go broke and it pops open alot, and when it pops open the camera dies!  im going to try to fix it, but we will see what happens! 
Anyway im doing really good! we have alot of investigators with baptism dates, but they keep missing church for work or other reasons and so their dates get pushed back! this week me and elder ayala are going to really focuas on the importance of attending church and getting our investigators to attend church!! im still loving the mission and things are going great! the language is comming, but the people talk really fast so i dont understand as much as i would like to, but i can speak it pretty good i guess! well good enough that the people kind of understand me! haha but is sure am having a blast teaching and preparing people for baptism, even if they laugh a my spanish alot!!! haha
oh and the weather here is pretty crazy! last week was alittle cold, but the week before was the hottest it has been here and today is hot agian! its crazy but i cant wait for winter to come again and not have to walk in this heat all day! haha anyway´s im doing pretty good and trying to stay as healthy as i can, but sadly i have cereal for breakfest and dinner alot, luch i usually fix somthing up but i dont have many ideas, can you send me some simple recipe´s that i cant cook for some meals? oh and maybe a football to? that you be awesome if you could!! just know i love you guys and i can feel your prayers! thanks for everything and i see you in not to long!! 

love Elder Taysom

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