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Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey everyone!!,

Man this week was good and long! I have a great story about N! as you know the missionaries have been teaching her for like 4 months and she has not accepted the invatation to be baptized! on wed. we finialy sat her down and said " well you have learned all we have to teach, and you have attended church every sunday for the past 4 months. now is the time to act." we said that we coulndt come visit her anymore because she wasnt progressing. i asked her to baptized one more time and she said she wanted to pray about it one more time and the next lesson she would give us and answer! me and my comp. prayed alot that she would recive and answer! 
The next day was the baptism of and investigators of the other elders! his name is G! he is awesome and i have taught like 1 or 2 lessons with him on splits! we invited N to the baptism and she came! i sat next to her the whole time and asked her how she was feeling. she said she felt good, but she didnt know about baptism for herself yet! the next day at church i saw N and G talking, but didnt think much of it cause i had to teach the gospel principles class! ( by the way that went preatty well, its alot eaiser to ask questions and let the class answer than for me to talk alot because somtimes the members dont understand what im saying! plus everybody down here likes to talk, ALOT!! haha) anyway in the lesson N later that day she said she talked with G and he shared his testomony with her! i was very supprized becuase he is a tough guy that i dont think i have every heard him say more than like 5 words at a time! he said to her that he has been baptized in 3 different churchs before this one! every baptism was good for him, but he didnt feel anything! then he said that when he got baptized yesterday he felt so warm and that god was very proud of him!! it was the answer N was waiting for and she finialy accepted baptism for the 25th of this month!!!!! That was just a way cool experiance that happed this week and all because of the testimony of a man that has been a member for 1 day!! so cool!
Anyway im doing really good! we good a new elder in the zone tomarrow straight form the MTC. i hope it is an american so that im not the only one! plus i want to see how the new misssionary reacts to not being able to understand a single word anyone says! haha :) thanks for all the support and i just have one question! everyone down here says that the america is really cold and some people are dying up there! if this is ture just know that im happy im in argentina and not freezing to death like you guys!! haha love you all!!

Love Elder Taysom

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