Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hey everyone!

How are you all doing! Poor Lindsay! i sure hope she recovers fine and that she wont have any complications! wow your guys´s week sounds crazy! im doing preatty good hear! Sorry i cant send pics yet! the normal store we use is closed until the 30th because the people are on vacation! this new store doesnt have a plug-in spot for the camera! and i might end up having to buy a new one soon because the spot where the batteries go broke and it pops open alot, and when it pops open the camera dies!  im going to try to fix it, but we will see what happens! 
Anyway im doing really good! we have alot of investigators with baptism dates, but they keep missing church for work or other reasons and so their dates get pushed back! this week me and elder ayala are going to really focuas on the importance of attending church and getting our investigators to attend church!! im still loving the mission and things are going great! the language is comming, but the people talk really fast so i dont understand as much as i would like to, but i can speak it pretty good i guess! well good enough that the people kind of understand me! haha but is sure am having a blast teaching and preparing people for baptism, even if they laugh a my spanish alot!!! haha
oh and the weather here is pretty crazy! last week was alittle cold, but the week before was the hottest it has been here and today is hot agian! its crazy but i cant wait for winter to come again and not have to walk in this heat all day! haha anyway´s im doing pretty good and trying to stay as healthy as i can, but sadly i have cereal for breakfest and dinner alot, luch i usually fix somthing up but i dont have many ideas, can you send me some simple recipe´s that i cant cook for some meals? oh and maybe a football to? that you be awesome if you could!! just know i love you guys and i can feel your prayers! thanks for everything and i see you in not to long!! 

love Elder Taysom

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all the letters! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! your like 50 or something like that right? i forget. anyway this week was good! we had a lot of lessons and some good new investigators! its been busy , but i love it! Pres. PerreƱo is comming to my area for our zone conf. im pretty excited becuase i have not seen him scence christmas and we didnt really talk then! i sure hope my spanish is good enough to understand what he is saying! haha 
anyway im doing good! oh and my home adress is Presidente Uriburu 270 (for dad) im starting to get alittle worried about N becuase she wants baptism, but she always has excuses for why she cant get baptized this saturday! its fustrating, but we will keep trying with her! we also have a family that is very receptive to the gospel. the only problem is that they always say they will attend church but never do! we have taught like 3 lessons about the importance of comming to church, but they have never come as a family! i sure hope we can get them this week!
Anyways today all the computers were taken for like 30 min of our time to email family so i only had 30 total! i dont have much time left but just konw im doing well and i love hearing from you guys!! i can feel all your prayers and you love! thanks for everything!!!! love you all!

Elder Taysom!

PS i know the broncos will win!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey everyone!!,

Man this week was good and long! I have a great story about N! as you know the missionaries have been teaching her for like 4 months and she has not accepted the invatation to be baptized! on wed. we finialy sat her down and said " well you have learned all we have to teach, and you have attended church every sunday for the past 4 months. now is the time to act." we said that we coulndt come visit her anymore because she wasnt progressing. i asked her to baptized one more time and she said she wanted to pray about it one more time and the next lesson she would give us and answer! me and my comp. prayed alot that she would recive and answer! 
The next day was the baptism of and investigators of the other elders! his name is G! he is awesome and i have taught like 1 or 2 lessons with him on splits! we invited N to the baptism and she came! i sat next to her the whole time and asked her how she was feeling. she said she felt good, but she didnt know about baptism for herself yet! the next day at church i saw N and G talking, but didnt think much of it cause i had to teach the gospel principles class! ( by the way that went preatty well, its alot eaiser to ask questions and let the class answer than for me to talk alot because somtimes the members dont understand what im saying! plus everybody down here likes to talk, ALOT!! haha) anyway in the lesson N later that day she said she talked with G and he shared his testomony with her! i was very supprized becuase he is a tough guy that i dont think i have every heard him say more than like 5 words at a time! he said to her that he has been baptized in 3 different churchs before this one! every baptism was good for him, but he didnt feel anything! then he said that when he got baptized yesterday he felt so warm and that god was very proud of him!! it was the answer N was waiting for and she finialy accepted baptism for the 25th of this month!!!!! That was just a way cool experiance that happed this week and all because of the testimony of a man that has been a member for 1 day!! so cool!
Anyway im doing really good! we good a new elder in the zone tomarrow straight form the MTC. i hope it is an american so that im not the only one! plus i want to see how the new misssionary reacts to not being able to understand a single word anyone says! haha :) thanks for all the support and i just have one question! everyone down here says that the america is really cold and some people are dying up there! if this is ture just know that im happy im in argentina and not freezing to death like you guys!! haha love you all!!

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hey everyone!!!!

WOW!!!! well sorry mom, but it looks like dad wont be sitting with you in sacrament for a long time!!! hahaha that is so crazy!! thanks for all the letters from everyone!!! i love hearing about your weeks!! im doing preatty well down here!! little sad because we have 2 investigagtors that are soooooo close to babtism, but are not quite ready! N attends every week, but she belive that her babtsim was fine, every lesson we teach about the holy ghost, and the proper athority, but she believes that she already has the holy ghost!! its difficult but i know through prayer she will find an awnser!! C has accepted babtism, but only wants to be babtized in the lake! not in the church font! she wants it to be just like how Jesus was babtized. we called the mission pres., but he said no! i can understand where he is comming from, but now she doesnt want to get babtized! its hard but i love it!!!!!!! I love seeing people being converted by the gospel!!!

New years was pretty cool! we went to bed at 10:30 like normal, but at midnight every house in the city shot off fire works, it woke me up (which is hard to do) and it was so loud! it was preatty cool! me and my new comp are doing well, but this comp. doesnt know any english at all so there is alittle bit of speration there! i hope this next transfer we get an american in the zone so i can know what happens in the district meetings and zone meetings!! haha

i have a funny story about this week! we were in a lesson with a less active family and the lesson was out side. my comp. was talking when i felt somthing hit my leg! i looked down and there was a white liquid on my leg! i looked up and say a bird was flying right above my head, and it had just pooped on me in the lesson! it was so funny!! no one else saw what had happened so i brushed it of with my rag that i had and went on teaching!!! it was way funny because after the lesson my comp. asked why i was looking at my leg and the sky so much! i told him what happend and he laughed so much!!! anyway i got to go! i love you guys so much!!!!!!!! thanks for all the prayers and thoughts!!!!

Love Elder Taysom!