Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hey everyone,

Sounds like everythings going good! its still hot there then right? thats crazy because its starting to warm up here! yesterday and the day before were amazing! and today is not to bad either! but i do miss the hot DRY weather,!!

This week was good! we had a stake conference!  it was by satellite and we heard from elder cook and elder hales! it was good and they talked a lot about keeping the Sabbath day holy, the importance of doing spiritual things that day! it was good! we are still on the search for a family, but no luck so far, well we have found families, but they're not quite ready to accept the gospel as a family yet! we are having sucess with a couple people, but they still are not quite ready to be baptized yet, but they're getting there, maybe i wont be here to see them enter the waters, but getting in is the important thing! other than that we are doing great and are having a ton success with some less active families!

Oh and we also cleaned in front of the church this week and i had to bury like 2 dead dogs and wow did they smell bad. if you think poking a deer's stomach smells bad, try to move a dead dog that had no more facial features! thats hard!Well i havent gotten to play golf yet, but next week im going to try to get someone to come with me! its still a bit cold sometimes to play, but its heating up fast! did my letters get there yet? if not i might send some new ones again! well i love you all and thanks for everything, i love you all a lot and ill see you soon!

Love ELder Taysom

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey everyone,

How is everyone doing? Just loving the first week of school right! its still pretty cold here so it is weird to think that you just started school! but the good news is that it had not rained in like a week, but it rained pretty hard on Saturday, but today is really nice!

This week was a good week. Me and my comp were part of a stake activity called the one day mtc. We were teachers and all the youth of the stake came and they were missionaries for one day, with comps, and rules and everything! it was really fun and you could really tell the kids that were preparing very well for the missions! i love the spirit of the youth and they excitement to go on missions! We are doing ok in the work, but we really want a family to teach. we are going to try to find some families to teach because it is super fun to see families come together and enjoy the gospel! We also had transfers this week!!! but im staying with my same comp. in the same area! I'm super happy cause i didnt want to change my last transfer to and area where i dont know the members well! So im just super happy!

To answer some questions, i found someone to play golf with me so this next week or so we should be able to get in a few holes!! im excited!! and on a normal Pday we  play soccer now! today we are going to play with a bunch of elders so it should be fun! well i got to run, but i love you all and i miss you too, but ill see you all soon! thanks for everything!

Love Elder Taysom

Ps i sent the pics in another email! they are of me at a nice beach outside of mar del plata!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hey everyone,

Ha everyone is looking good and tan! so school finally started right, that is crazy it feels like summer just started! it is also crazy to think of all my freinds that are already back, i feel really old haha and i dont like to think about it! i also loved the video of dal on the sky coaster, im going to have to try that when i get back!

This week was good we had a new investgator come to church which was great! his name is carlos and he is great! he is very baptist , but he beileves that what we teach is true. my comp found him on divisions with another elder and they gave him a blessing cause he was feeling very sick and he got better! He had us over again on saturday and told us he wanted to get baptized, we didnt even have to invite him, he wanted to do it! he still has to learn alot, but he is on his way! He liked to pray alot and in a wierd way like the baptists do, but we got him to start praying right. we also have many other invesitgators that are progressing, but they are all kind of older and really sick because of the waether!  but when it heats up it will be good!

Haha i find it funny that  mom wrote the AP´s  again, everyone in the office thinks your crazy, but i love it! haha to answer some questions we normally play soccer or basketball. we want to play some volleyball but we cant find any courts hear! and i want to play golf next week, but cant find  anyone to go with me, but i will convince someone this week im sure! today we are going to play with the whole zone, but sometimes we play w ith other zones too! well i love you all sooooo much, sorry my camera isnt working agian so next week i  will find a better cyber shop! i love you all and thanks for everything you do for me!! ill see ya in a few!

Love Elder Taysom 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hey everyone.

How is everyone doing? i cant believe that school is starting. it is crazy how fast summer ( winter for me) is passing, but looks like everyone is doing well and staying healthy. sorry for  writing late we had our p day on thursday this week becuase of a confrence we had.

This  week was pretty good. we have some investigators  that are progressing, but for some reason they  have trouble coming to church. it has rained here like the past 2 weeks straight and it gets complicated to come to church i guess, but other than that we are doing good and finding new people to teach  everyday. we also have been working some less active families that have started to come to church agian which is awesome. it is great to see people feel the spirit and recognize the great joy the church is after so long of being out of it. well also it looks like we ate somthing expired yesterday cause me and my  comp. and another elder that lives with us are all sick, but i feel way better today than yesterday.

To answer some questions i am very happy that we can play sports now, but i just realized how hard it is after so much time without physical  excersize. imy body is so sore!!!! hahaha  and the package got hear so thanks so much  for  the stuff you sent! im so excited to try salsa. did my letters get there yet or are the still in the mail? well not much really happend other than that this wee k, sorry for the short letter but not much else happend. i love you all so much and thanks for all the love you send my way and for everything you guys do for me! love you all

Love Elder Taysom

ps sorry for not sending pics, my pics wont load!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Hey everyone,

Looks like everyone is doing good. i cant believe that everyone is so big, it literally blows my mind! I saw all the kids from our ward and thought they all looked huge!

THis week was pretty good. we received some awesome references from the members and we are just trying to set up appointments with the members so they can come help us teach more. we found some good people this week as well and we are just trying to help the ward grow. i do feel a little weird at this stage of my mission, i dont feel like im old or at the end, i dont think i have come to accept it yet, but at the same time i no longer feel scared to end like i have  my whole mission, well not scared just like i dont have enough time to do all  that is expected of me, but i no longer feel like that, and many things have come into perspective and i have decided that im just going to go on another mission right when i get home! hahahajk

But we do have some new news! we can play sports now! i have never been more excited  in the mission! hahaha just kidding, but yea we can play sports and drink coke and wear black ties now so it is going to be different from here on out i guess, but me and my comp just keep working hard and try to keep our minds focused on the work. well i do love you all and thanks for all the support and love you send my way, if you have any questions just ask!

Love Elder Taysom

Ps. the pics are of a food convention that the had here. there was a bunch of food from a bunch of different countries