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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hey everyone.

How is everyone doing? i cant believe that school is starting. it is crazy how fast summer ( winter for me) is passing, but looks like everyone is doing well and staying healthy. sorry for  writing late we had our p day on thursday this week becuase of a confrence we had.

This  week was pretty good. we have some investigators  that are progressing, but for some reason they  have trouble coming to church. it has rained here like the past 2 weeks straight and it gets complicated to come to church i guess, but other than that we are doing good and finding new people to teach  everyday. we also have been working some less active families that have started to come to church agian which is awesome. it is great to see people feel the spirit and recognize the great joy the church is after so long of being out of it. well also it looks like we ate somthing expired yesterday cause me and my  comp. and another elder that lives with us are all sick, but i feel way better today than yesterday.

To answer some questions i am very happy that we can play sports now, but i just realized how hard it is after so much time without physical  excersize. imy body is so sore!!!! hahaha  and the package got hear so thanks so much  for  the stuff you sent! im so excited to try salsa. did my letters get there yet or are the still in the mail? well not much really happend other than that this wee k, sorry for the short letter but not much else happend. i love you all so much and thanks for all the love you send my way and for everything you guys do for me! love you all

Love Elder Taysom

ps sorry for not sending pics, my pics wont load!

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