Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hey everyone!

Things sound good up there and im glad everyone is doing good! i liked hearing all your vioces in the video, it is wierd to hear your voices again! haha

This week was a pretty good week for me and my new comp. he is a really cool guy from Vegas! ill tell you more about him later! this week was a good tough week. we tried hard, but for some reason our baptisms fell through right at the last minute, but we keep our good spirits up and we know we are ging to see miracles! yesterday we also had a good experiance! there was a womens general conference last night and we had the opportunity to bring more people to church when they came to the conference! our zone leader came to do divisions with the other DL and they said they had 21 people come the church! it really inspired us to get more to come to chruch, so we went out and talked to every woman that we saw! for some reason no one wanted to come! so we worked and worked , but still no one! so we said a prayer and worked and at last we got someone to come!!!! it was awesome and when she came to the conference we were really happy! then the ZL told us he lied to get us inspired to bring more people to church and we unded up bringing more then him! haha it was a great experience!

So ya my new comp is great! his name is elder pierce and he is 21! he is a real good guy and full of love! i dont have much time but ill let you know more next week! love you all!!!!!

Love elder taysom!

                                 Elder Pierce was buddies with Carter's bestie, Elder Cameron Imlay, in the MTC
Small world!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hey everyone!

I’m doing good down here! And things sound like they are going good up there too! I loved dads letter in Spanish, are you sure you didn’t use Google translator! I feel like you did, but if not it was really good!! Haha

This week was good for me and my comp. we did some good work and worked really hard to have people come to church. We left early in the morning on Sunday to walk with some of our investigators to church, but in the end all fell through! We were pretty discouraged and on the way back to the church, I decided to say a prayer to help us have at least one person come to church! When we got to church, we found that one of our recent converts brought a friend with him and he wanted to be baptized! I invited him to be baptized that very day, but he has a smoking problem, so we set a date for 30th of septiembre and he is going to be baptized that day!! It was a great miracle that we had to cap off our companionship!

My comp is getting transferred so im going to get a new comp. Im going to be training again, and the new missionaries get here Wednesday so ill let you guys know who it is and where he is from! To answer some of your questions, the members go to the temple about twice a year, it is a 10 hour bus ride to the temple, so they don’t have the blessing of having a temple near by. But they are very grateful to at least have one in their country. I still haven’t received any package, but it should here soon so ill let you know!! Well I got to go, thanks for everything and for all your prayers. They really do help!!!!

Love elder Taysom

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hey everyone!

Wow crazy that someone robbed a bank! haha of course when im not there all sorts of crazy things happen! haha jk but tan and kob and the others look so old now! time goes by fast and it looks like kob is 7 feet tall! haha

well this week was alittle tougher than the last couple! not only for me and my comp. but for the district too, we are not quite having the sucess that we had the last month! B and V were excited about their baptism, but these last few days have been really hard for them and their family, and they kind of took that for a sign that maybe they souldn´t be baptized. it was tough and we taught them and tried to tell them that it was satan trying to make them doubt and not get baptized, but they still feel like waiting! i fear that they have doubts that we dont know yet, but this week we are going to see miracales and they are going to see them too!

i dont have much time today, but to answer some of your questions, yes we made those empanadas, they were made of ham and cheese, but we make some meat ones too! they were sooooooo good! ill make some when i get back! it is starting to warm up here, but not so excited, because i remember how hot last summer was and it was tough! haha well i got to go, but i love you all and thanks for everything and for your prayers and for the advice! love you!!!


Elder Taysom

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hey everyone

This week was good! we actually havent moved yet, because they are stll painting the house but they should finish today! we also had stake conference and that was good! you guys asked how much i see pres parreño, and i see him about every week! i am in zona villa mirtre, which it the same zone as the AP´s and Ofice elders and pres. parreño! at first i was scared because somtime he comes to my district meetings, but now it just a normal thing!

This week was good, but me and my comp arent quite satisfied with the work we did! we need to have more people to church and rely on the spirit more! we kind of came in with this idea of " we are going to work really hard and bring many people to chruch and baptize them". but we have learned that it is good to have this idea, but put the words " we are going to work really hard, and rely on the lord" We now recongnize that and are really excited for this up coming week! we sould have 2 baptism´s but we have to see, because B needs eye surgery and if she gets the sergury done this week she cant be baptized until after her eyes are good again! we are going to pray alot and fast so that she can get baptized before the surgery! but we are seening really good things in they area and are really excited!

Thanks for all your prayers they help a lot, and keep pryaing, we need them more than ever!! well i dont have much time but to answer some questions, we find most of our investigators knocking doors or in the street, and im doing good and we should move this week for sure. i cant send pics of the new place because it is a mission rule, and Ididnt know when i sent them the first time, but ill try to take some pics of me an my comp and and you might be able to see alittle bit of the new house! thanks for everything and i love you all!

Love elder Taysom

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hey everyone

wow i guess i am alittle behind! i just got the photo of brycens baptism last week so i just thought he got baptized last week! haha but looks like your all doing good and i like that grandpa is growing the beard out! he looks muy fachero is what we say down here! haha you will have to look it up or ask brother sweeten! oh and sorry i forgot to attach the names of our investigadores to ill do that this time!

But this week was a good week, but we think we can to better. we did have people come to church, but we were expecting a little more! but our investigators are progressing well and we were going to have a baptism this friday of married couple, but the husband has not quite recieved his awnser yet. the wife is ready and said she want to be baptised this friday, but she is going to wait and get baptised with her husband! he said he believes that the gospel is true, but he doesnt know it is ture yet! we were about to teach him that you dont have to know everything before your baptism, but the member we brought to the lesson said that it is good that he is waiting and that he sould wait! we were kind of bumbed but he defentaly will get baptied this next week! we also have been teaching a lot of new people so we are very exited for this month and we expect to have alot of baptisms!

So we are still doing good and we are going to change houses this week to a bigger and newer house so that should be good! mom asked if i have eaten anything weird latley and i think what is wierd for you guys is normal down here! i eat cow tounge about twice a week! it is not that bad and after a while one actualy starts to like it! haha oh and there is a sister in my ward that like to cook cakes and pies and they are so good!!! we have had apple pie, lemon pie, and chocolate cake with a meran-ge cream top! very good stuff let me tell you!!! well i got to go but thanks for everything and for your prayers and love for me, my comp, and our investigators!!!

Love elder Taysom

Thanks for everything!!

 Ps maybe tan and dad can use the 2nd photo to pracitce not getting buck fever when they see a big buck to shoot! hahaha