Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hey everyone!

I’m doing good down here! And things sound like they are going good up there too! I loved dads letter in Spanish, are you sure you didn’t use Google translator! I feel like you did, but if not it was really good!! Haha

This week was good for me and my comp. we did some good work and worked really hard to have people come to church. We left early in the morning on Sunday to walk with some of our investigators to church, but in the end all fell through! We were pretty discouraged and on the way back to the church, I decided to say a prayer to help us have at least one person come to church! When we got to church, we found that one of our recent converts brought a friend with him and he wanted to be baptized! I invited him to be baptized that very day, but he has a smoking problem, so we set a date for 30th of septiembre and he is going to be baptized that day!! It was a great miracle that we had to cap off our companionship!

My comp is getting transferred so im going to get a new comp. Im going to be training again, and the new missionaries get here Wednesday so ill let you guys know who it is and where he is from! To answer some of your questions, the members go to the temple about twice a year, it is a 10 hour bus ride to the temple, so they don’t have the blessing of having a temple near by. But they are very grateful to at least have one in their country. I still haven’t received any package, but it should here soon so ill let you know!! Well I got to go, thanks for everything and for all your prayers. They really do help!!!!

Love elder Taysom

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