Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, June 29, 2015

Hey everyone,

sounds like eveyone is doing well other than that river rafting accident, but im happy to hear that everyone is ok now! you all look so tan which is funny cause i looked at my legs the other day and they are whiter that than white!!  I am almost sure that the fruit lehi saw in his dream were darker than my legs currently are, but that just is what happens to missionaries i guess!

Well exciting news happened yesterday, i was emergency transfered to Mar del Plata!! so just when i was getting used to santa rosa, they changed me, but im super excited to tell the truth. i love mar del plata and i was only here for a transfer last time so i hope i stay here alittle longer this time!! my new area is monolito 2 and my new comps name is Elder Rodriguez from argentina! i know him pretty well so we will get along great! i will sort of miss my last area though. we had 2 whole families come to church and i guess i wont get to be there when they get baptized, but i have also come into may areas and have seen people get baptized that other elders taught for a long time so in the end the ordinance of baptism is the important thing, and not whose there to see it or not.

 Well to answer some questions Ituzango 7222 Mar del Plata is our new direction of our appartement! we live 4 elders there in the house and 1 is from california, the other alaska! they are good elders and one loves to golf as well so we might go golfing some monday here in the near future and try to get my swing back, cause i know i lost it!! well i dont have much more time, but i love all of you soo much and thanks for all the letters and support that come my way!! love you all

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hey everyone,

Sorry for writing late again, the day was pretty crazy yesterday, but it was sweet to hear from all of you! and HAPPY FATHERS DAY dad! hope the brothers spoiled you and i too agree than we should be able to skype on fathers day!

So the reason why yesterday was a little crazy was because sunday night we felt we needed to go to the terminal of long distance buses and get out a package that came for the zone! i normally do it on mondays, but we had a strong feeling that we sould go. so we went and package place was closed, and i knew it would be so i was really wondering why i went in the first place, but just as we were about to leave some lady approached us and said she was looking for us! she then explained that she was from Colombia and that she had had a pretty rough time getting to her destination of Bariloche which is another city here in argentina! her car had broken down and she was traveling with her daughter and her 2 elderly parents. their car had broken down just in the city before santa rosa and they had used all thier money to get it fixed and where just trying to get back home. the poor family had not slept in like 3 days and where planning on just sleeping in the car again and just wanted to know if we knew where a cheap auto shop was or something! we were rather suprised and very grateful that the lord gave us the chance to answer thier prayers, so that night we got them into a hotel and took the car to a members house so we could work on it. it needed a new starter and some serios carborator work so while the member worked on the carburetor we went out and got a new starter and installed it! at this piont i was just thinking that taking 4 years of auto shop class was the smartest choice i have ever made. ( besides serving a mission of course!) so we got everything fixed and starting driving to drop the car off to the lady and the enginge shorted and hit the battery and it exploded! it was insane so that night it was pretty late so we took them to one apartment and they slept there while the elders that lived there slept in ours! but today early we got a new battery and sent them on their way!

They were very thankful and there whole family from colombia called us and thanked us for all we did and for being answers to thier prayers! it was a great experience and i have learned that there are very little things that bring one more joy than feeling a spiritual promting and following only to find out you answered someones prayers. 

So that was a little long, sorry for that, but im doing great and are investigadores as well, i was able to baptize girl by the name of melani who is 14 years old which was a sweet experience, but i forgot my camera on the day of the baptism so sorry bout that!! no pics :( But to answer some questons, i still havent eaten all the peanut butter, im saving it and savoring it, but i have eaten 1 little cup! haha and it is dead winter now and there is ice on the streets which is very weird because last year in my last area there was no ice so i kind of just realized how much i actually miss snow! haha! well i better go, just know i love you all and thanks for all the prayers you send my way!!

Love Car

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hey everyone

How are you all doing? it is weird to see you all in swim suits cause it is really cold here! haha but it will get warm soon enough i guess! im doing great and just loving life down here in argentina!

This week was good  here in our area! we had many people come to church but some of them have to get married so we are just trying to work with them to help them get married so they can be baptized! We also have an investigador named gabreil. he is progressing quite well and should get baptized here in the next couple weeks or so! if you guys could keep him in your prayers that would be awesome. we also have another family named the familia garay! they are really just great. they come to church every sunday, but need to get married. they too could also use some prayers their way as well! but over all things are good and just loving the missionary life!

Thanks again for the package it was great, i have already eaten mac and cheese twice! haha and to answer your question i could use some salsa. man i miss that stuff. or some butterfingers would be great to!! but you know me pretty well and i love everything you send me! me and my comp. are doing good, we get along pretty well he is from arizona, but was born in chile! english is his first language so he still has our north american accent! well thats all the time i have for now! remember that i love you all so much and thanks for all the support and love you guys send my way from the great white north!

Love Elder Taysom

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hey everyone

Sorry for writing late. we had a conference yesterday and i didnt get time to write! wow tan is looking pretty tan. haha didnt mean to do a play on words like that, but thats just how it worked! haha it is weird to hear all the people that are getting home from thier missions, and the ones that are getting ready to leave.

This week was a pretty good week. we had 5 people come to church and they all loved it! I also had a conference with president parreño yesterday. it was kind of like his good-bye one for all the zone leaders in the mission and it was really great! we talked alot about the importance of being a missionary and how short our time really is! He asked us what "coming to Christ" really means, because it is the purpose of a missionary. anyways "coming to Christ" is a 3 word phrase to explain the plan of salvation! i really enjoyed it and got some good pictures with hna. and pres. Parreño! Our investigators are doing well so thank you so much for praying for them.

 So to answer some questions, they took our 2 elders because the wave of the age change is coming to an end! 15 missionaries left this transfer, but only 5 came, and next transfer 20 leave and only 5 come again so i guess there will be some more areas closing as well! so pres. parreño is still the pres. until about the end of june. i guess that is when we will meet the new pres. and my comp. is a pretty good guy, but i dont get much time with him becuase we do divisons a lot so i guess i have to get to know him a little better, but with time im sure ill get to know him better.

Anyways speaking about time, i guess i have some news. well I talked to the secretary of the mission yesterday and he informed me that it is starting to get complicated with missionaries extending now and there were some missionaries that had problems with thier paper work that extended but then had to get sent home because the country wouldnt allow it, so to get rid of the problem they just kind of stopped letting missionaries extend unless you have enough days on your visa... guess who doesnt have enough days! well its me, and i have to come home on my original date so that is kind of sad, well actually really sad, but its give me more of an urgency to know that my time is even more limited! oh and im not sure why, but my package already arrived so thanx for all the birhtday wishes you sent and all the stuff! i love you guys soo much!! haha well my time is kind of up, but i love you all and thanks for everything you do and have done for me! i love you all!!

Love Elder Taysom

Ps. forgot the camera, but a member looked up my name in google and i guess she found a pic of me when i was young that she sent me, so ill share it with you.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hey everyone

Wow i loved hear all your stories about the trek and all your spiritual experiances that you guys had! i remember my trek, wow time passes by way too fast. I find i funny that dad got sick. i think the lord was just blessing him so he didnt have to go trek, he probably would have broken his ankle!

This past week was good! we got transfers and my new comp. is elder Blackburn. He is from Mesa Arizona and has about the same time i do in the mission! seem like a good kid and we are excited to get some great work done in our area! we have a lot of investigadores now because they got rid of the other companionship in the ward so we got all thier investigaters as well. it kind of seems overwhelming at this point with so many people under our watch, but i think we will manage! 

This past week was good and we have had alot of good lessons and many people are progressing! it would be great if you guys could pray for them. they are: Mariano, Andres, Family Garay, Gabreil, and Abby! all of them have have baptismal date for this month! well i have no more time left but just know i love you all and thanks for all the love. sorry about the pics, my camera has a virus and they wont load. this was the only one and it is of an elder that is my freind! haha well love you all!

Love Car,

Ps. i will be looking for the package thanks!