Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hey everyone

Wow i loved hear all your stories about the trek and all your spiritual experiances that you guys had! i remember my trek, wow time passes by way too fast. I find i funny that dad got sick. i think the lord was just blessing him so he didnt have to go trek, he probably would have broken his ankle!

This past week was good! we got transfers and my new comp. is elder Blackburn. He is from Mesa Arizona and has about the same time i do in the mission! seem like a good kid and we are excited to get some great work done in our area! we have a lot of investigadores now because they got rid of the other companionship in the ward so we got all thier investigaters as well. it kind of seems overwhelming at this point with so many people under our watch, but i think we will manage! 

This past week was good and we have had alot of good lessons and many people are progressing! it would be great if you guys could pray for them. they are: Mariano, Andres, Family Garay, Gabreil, and Abby! all of them have have baptismal date for this month! well i have no more time left but just know i love you all and thanks for all the love. sorry about the pics, my camera has a virus and they wont load. this was the only one and it is of an elder that is my freind! haha well love you all!

Love Car,

Ps. i will be looking for the package thanks!

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