Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hey everyone,

How are you guys doing? things are going good down here! well it is raining now so im alitle wet, but other than that im good! things sound like they are going good up there and those cup cake meat-loaf things looked soooo good! my comp just call us  "such a mormon family" haha becuas he is a convert! haha

This week was good and we taught a lot of lessons and some people come to church, but we feel the lord expects more from us! we are here to help people come unto christ through helping them get baptized, but just teaching them wont help them enough, they need to make the covenant of baptism and ultimalty make it to the temple! we are working hard, but we need to help them realize the importance of baptism, and that is what we are going to work on this next week! i know when we concentrate less on just getting lessons in, and more on how we can help them progress to baptism, the lord blesses us and them and the spirit is always there!!!

well we are happy and excited to be serving the lord and to be here in the mission. to answer some questions i didnt really do anything for my 1 year mark, we just had a normal day, and i like and need all my ties so i didnt burn anything, it was a good day and we taught some real good lessons! and nothing really funny happen this week . my favorite meal down here is pastel de papa! it is like sheperds pie, but way better!!! well got to go, but i love you all and thanks for everything you do! just know miracles are happening all around us!!!

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hey everyone!!!

Thanks for all the videos! they were awesome and i loved hearing from you! everyone looks so big and grown up! i didnt even realize that i have been out a year! it is a sad thing to think about! i try not to count the day´s, but thankfuly i have a loving family that does! hahahahahahaha 

This past week was good! We had such a cool experience! My comp. and I are very focused on baptizing and are trying with all our heart to baptize, but what is important is the true conversion of the investigador, and we saw exactly that this past week with S. S is an investigador who is evangelical, and she is also poor! she can not pay the rent for her house, so the evangelical church pays for much of her rent. If she attends an another church, this church will not pay for her rent any more, but her faith is something i have never seen in all my life. we taught her and the spirit was so strong, and she began to cry and said that ¨even if I lose my house, I know that you are God's angels¨ and she accepted a baptismal date, and went to church with us this last Sunday !! it was so great to see the sacrifice and faith of a woman and her disire to follow christ!

So other than that awesome experience, we had a pretty normal week! we saw a huge car accedent, and we had an investigador say he wanted to quit using drugs, and then handed us a bag and walked away. we opened it up and saw it was full of drugs! it was terrible, so we just threw them in the garbage, then he called us asking what we did with the bag and we said we threw it away in the trash and then he hung up! we havent heard from him since! hahaha oh and we konck at this door yesterday and and we started taking to a jahovas witness, right then her uncle and cousin showed up. the uncle is a catholic priest and his son is a baptist pastor! that was an awesome experiance! hahaha anyway i got to go, but ill try to keep you guys more informed and thanks for all your prayers and love!!!

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hey everyone

How are you all doing! i cant beileve i have a delinquent brother! haha but that does sound pretty funny! haha I just asked my comp about all those places you visited in vegas and he knows them all! he says that the container park is sweet!

So this week was a good week! we worked a lot and had some real good sucess in the area! remember how i told you guys about maria and she couldnt get baptized because she lives with a guy in the same house, well we were able to baptize her family ( her 3 kids) this last weekend and we are just waiting for her to find a new house and she can get baptized too!! it was a great week spirtually and just what me and my comp. needed to get the ball rolling again! the mission is really doing quite well and brings more than 100 per month to the gospel, but it is not easy work to try to animate missionaries that dont have the desire to baptize alot! but we are doing quite well over all!

To answer some questions, time does fly, but i try not to count it haha, i still havent recieved the package, but i hope tomorrow, i remember last time you spelled bahia blanca wrong, so maybe that is why it is taking a while! my clothes are holding up good, but i could use some more ties if that is possible! and tell keagan hi and thanks for being a good example, and he looks good and skinny! haha well i got to go, but just know i love you all and i can feel your prayers!!

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hey everyone!

Things sound like they are doing great up there! i too think that conference was awesome and i loved that member of the seventy from Ukraine that dropped some principles and spoke very strongly! it is what we need to hear sometimes!! it was an awesome conference!!

this week was a pretty good week for us, even though we didnt get to work in our area a lot! we had alot of lidership conferences and things like that, and i was worried that we might not be able to get that many people to come to church, but the lord sure humbled me! haha through alot of really hard work and blessings we were able to bring 10 people to church and 2 or 3 are going to get baptized this next week! it was a great blessing from the lord! i have finally found the price of successful missionary work! it is sacrifice! it is also the price for salvation, and that is exactly what the lord has done for us! to be succesful missionary, you have to be a missionary of sacrifice! and it was awesome to see how the lord kept ( and always keeps) his promeses this week!

My comp and i are doing good and get along really well! poor guy doesnt speak any spanish, but has a good heart and a will to serve and sacrifice! Dad asked if i have any crazy stories and the turth is it has been pretty calm here the last couple of weeks! oh well we did go visit one of our investigators this week and when we showed up he was really drunk! i didnt want to stay long, but he just kept talking and yelling at us about how we recieve alot of money from the government. it probably didnt help that i was really sarcastic with him. hahahaha i always am! well he stood up like he was going to hit me, but fell down and hit his head!!!! hahaha so we helped him up, told him we loved him, and left! now he is progressing quite well, but still drinks! ill let you know how it goes! well ive got to go, but i love you all and wish the best for all!! love you so much and i can feel your prayers!

Love elder taysom

ps the last pic is of my 2 dads!