Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hey everyone! I loved hearing about your week! i cant believe you didnt even get a deer! Maybe next year! so this week has been awesome but crazy. the first day i got here i came to class and my teacher didnt say one word in english. my teachers name is brother McGhie. he is awesome and i've already learned so much spanish. anyway so im on the west campus and it is awesome! i live in apartments so it my own shower, unlike the main campus where they have community showers! i got sick like the 3rd day but my district gave me a blessing and i got better the next day, it was awesome. my district is the coolest district ever! the food is preatty good but im putting on weight fast, so im learning to not drink chocolate milk every meal! so my companion is elder earl. he is awesome! he is from Louisiana! he has the funniest accent, but i love it. so the third day we were here we had to start teaching an investigator named Jorge. it would not have been that hard, but he didnt understand any english, like at all! it was so hard, but fun. the west campus it the bomb! we get to go to brigham's landing on p-days and we have a creamery where the sell apple beer! it is soooooo cool! on sunday i walk to main campus for the devotional and saw parker roe and tyson hubberd. sunday was a blast and me and elder earl just got asigned as sacreament cordinators. we just are incharge of the sacrament for our branch! its preatty easy. so today i got to go to the temple and i had a great time. they played the old video so it was awesome! i had a great time and really felt the spirit, plus the provo temple is way sweet! the gym times here are awsome, but the are outside so it is sometimes cold. i had to get out my winter jacket! we also have a really cool zone! the zone leaders and me are like best friends. J.T. Mackeane is in my zone and i see him every day! so my schedule is pretty crazy. i wake up at 6 to shower, then at 6:45 i have breakfeast, the at 715 i have class until 1015. then it is personal study until 1120. 1120 is lunch and from then on my schedule changes from day to day, but most the time it consits of more class followed by launguage study or additional study and planning meetings. then bed at 1030 at night. sorry about the gromatical errors, the computer is being dumb and wont let me fix my spelling stuff, plus i dont have time. so i miss you guys and love you guys, but not enough to come home. sorry mom!

love you guys, and here are some pics