Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Elder Taysom is arriving home today from his mission in Bahia Blanca Argentina!!! He reports his mission this Sunday Oct. 11, 2015 at 11:00am at our chapel on 2450 south. Thanks for all the prayers and support these last 2 years! This is the last email sent from the mission field...

Hey everyone,

Well I've only got about 10 min. thats all they gave me! but i just wanted to thank everyone for all your support and love over these last 2 years! i have grown by your cards and testimonies! i hope to see and hug you all this week and give you all big kisses! haha 

I do feel a little weird! but not sad or happy yet! in my mind i know that im going home, but my heart has not accepted the sad/happy truth. I think it will finally hit me when im in the plane, but until then i still feel at least, like the same old missionary that will go out and work tomorrow!

Well to answer some questions from mom, i would love to go out and eat somewhere. im really down for anything, its hard to decide what to do first because there is so much i want to do! well i love you all so much and cant wait to hug you all! if i can ill try to call, but it might be like 3 in the morning if i do! haha well love you all again and ill see you all later!!!

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hey everyone,

Sounds like everyone is doing well! I like the pics of homecoming! i sure hope the weather stays warm as well, its still pretty cold here sometimes which is really a surprise. but other than that im doing well!! haha and nobody said anything about byu this week so im guessing they must not have done so well! haha

This week was good! it was my last normal sunday and somehow the bishop found out so i had to speak this week! i feel like he was inspired because my topic was about the blessing of waking up and going to be early! i had planned to get back and be able to sleep in after quite a while of waking up early, but i think my plans have changed alittle! haha but it was a great chance to kind of say a good-by to the ward! i dont feel like the mission is ending, but at the same time i do because eveyone is reminding me! but i think the best of this week was when i spoke with the stake president, and i also served in his home ward about a year and a half ago, and he mentioned how much i had grown spiritually! i think i have as well, but its hard to tell if one has grown sometimes, but he testified of how one changes so much in the mission. The change i have undergone in the mission is huge, and it was so sweet to see that others have seen my spiritual growth!

Well im not sure if this is the last time i write or not, im not really sure how next monday will work, but if i find time i will try to write a quick note! i love you all so much and i want to thank you all for the love and support you send my way, and have for the past 2 years! i will see you all soon and be able to hug you!! that is going to be great! love you all again,

Love Elder Taysom

Ps. the pics are of me and that elder that looks like dad, and of the catholic church here in mar del plata!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hey everyone,

Sounds like everyone is doing well! its crazy that there has been some flash flooding so big that it could take a couple of vans with it! i sure hope everything works out and everyone is ok! im still jealous of the heat you guys still have though, its pretty cold here!

This week was good! i felt a lot better and only have a slight cough now! we also had a baptism in the ward of a girl that i taught a couple of times, she was very doubtful about baptism, but she finally worked though it! we are also progressing with some investigators , but unfortunately the family we were teaching isnt progressing very well, but there is hope so we are going to keep up the good work! that is awesome that you guys heard from elder ballard, his talk sounded good and we kind of heard the same things here when elder hales and cook spoke! the church is really focusing on keeping the Sabbath day holy! 

Well i finally went golfing, and i need to practice!! haha but it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be, i had 4 par putts!!!! but 3 of them ended up as bogeys! and id rather not talk about the other 5 holes!! but i will be able to practice in a short while so im not too worried! tanner and dad cant have gotten that good! haha oh and dad i would love that job!! i was about to ask if there were opening like that at the hospital so sign me up please! well theres not much more than that going on! just excited to be here still and thanks for all your prayers and love you send my way! im better because of it! love you all!!

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hey everyone

How is everyone doing? Im doing good and its finially starting to heat up here!! it looks like you guys are all doing good as well! i still hope it is warm up there. even though its warmer here, i still miss the dry heat!

This week was good, but sadly i have been sick for the last couple of days. I dont get it, ive been sick more in this area than  my whole mission! but i guess thats how it works. we are still finding alot of people to teach which is good! i feel wierd at this time in my mission. ive heard of ending the mission my whole time out hear, but never thought it would come, and now that it has it doesnt feel like it! i guess thats how the secound  coming will kind of be right'? we hear about it all the time, but think, " oh thats so far away" but it will come and we might not be ready or feel like it is really here! just some thoughts ive been having! we also had elder tiexra visit the mission! it was great and it was really inspiring! he invited the latins to learn english and the gringos to better their spanish and english! did you know that if you speak spanish and english you can speak with 92 percent of the  members of the church! cool right!

Well even though i dont like to talk about it i guess i better give some heads up! i really like cafe rio pork salads, or anything that mom cooks! i really miss any food that mom cooks! oh and today im going golfing so ill let you guys know if ive lost my shot or not!! well i love you all so very much and i miss you, but ill see you all soon. take care and thanks for everything you do for me!

Love ELder Taysom

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hey everyone!

Looks like everyone is doing good!! haha im glad that at least one person could catch a fish! Haha if it wasnt for tan, i think our family would be gathers, not the hunters! haha

This week was good! just working like every other week!. We are starting to find more families!!!!! its too early to tell if they are super prepared. but they said they would come to church and were really receptive! we also had alot of less active people come to church last sunday too! the ward is starting to help us a lot more and we are just waiting for some for the spirit to touch the hearts of our investigators!! this week we are also going to get a visit for an elder from the seventies! it should be good and the whole mission is excited!

To answer some questions im not quite sure what i want to eat first yet. dont really like to think about it, but ill let you guys know! i dont really know why i had the glasses on, they were from my comp, but theyre not real, i forgot to take them off! haha well i got to go, but i love you all and thanks for everything, ill see ya soon!!!

Love Elder Taysom

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hey everyone,

Sounds like everythings going good! its still hot there then right? thats crazy because its starting to warm up here! yesterday and the day before were amazing! and today is not to bad either! but i do miss the hot DRY weather,!!

This week was good! we had a stake conference!  it was by satellite and we heard from elder cook and elder hales! it was good and they talked a lot about keeping the Sabbath day holy, the importance of doing spiritual things that day! it was good! we are still on the search for a family, but no luck so far, well we have found families, but they're not quite ready to accept the gospel as a family yet! we are having sucess with a couple people, but they still are not quite ready to be baptized yet, but they're getting there, maybe i wont be here to see them enter the waters, but getting in is the important thing! other than that we are doing great and are having a ton success with some less active families!

Oh and we also cleaned in front of the church this week and i had to bury like 2 dead dogs and wow did they smell bad. if you think poking a deer's stomach smells bad, try to move a dead dog that had no more facial features! thats hard!Well i havent gotten to play golf yet, but next week im going to try to get someone to come with me! its still a bit cold sometimes to play, but its heating up fast! did my letters get there yet? if not i might send some new ones again! well i love you all and thanks for everything, i love you all a lot and ill see you soon!

Love ELder Taysom

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey everyone,

How is everyone doing? Just loving the first week of school right! its still pretty cold here so it is weird to think that you just started school! but the good news is that it had not rained in like a week, but it rained pretty hard on Saturday, but today is really nice!

This week was a good week. Me and my comp were part of a stake activity called the one day mtc. We were teachers and all the youth of the stake came and they were missionaries for one day, with comps, and rules and everything! it was really fun and you could really tell the kids that were preparing very well for the missions! i love the spirit of the youth and they excitement to go on missions! We are doing ok in the work, but we really want a family to teach. we are going to try to find some families to teach because it is super fun to see families come together and enjoy the gospel! We also had transfers this week!!! but im staying with my same comp. in the same area! I'm super happy cause i didnt want to change my last transfer to and area where i dont know the members well! So im just super happy!

To answer some questions, i found someone to play golf with me so this next week or so we should be able to get in a few holes!! im excited!! and on a normal Pday we  play soccer now! today we are going to play with a bunch of elders so it should be fun! well i got to run, but i love you all and i miss you too, but ill see you all soon! thanks for everything!

Love Elder Taysom

Ps i sent the pics in another email! they are of me at a nice beach outside of mar del plata!