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Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey everyone,

How is everyone doing? Just loving the first week of school right! its still pretty cold here so it is weird to think that you just started school! but the good news is that it had not rained in like a week, but it rained pretty hard on Saturday, but today is really nice!

This week was a good week. Me and my comp were part of a stake activity called the one day mtc. We were teachers and all the youth of the stake came and they were missionaries for one day, with comps, and rules and everything! it was really fun and you could really tell the kids that were preparing very well for the missions! i love the spirit of the youth and they excitement to go on missions! We are doing ok in the work, but we really want a family to teach. we are going to try to find some families to teach because it is super fun to see families come together and enjoy the gospel! We also had transfers this week!!! but im staying with my same comp. in the same area! I'm super happy cause i didnt want to change my last transfer to and area where i dont know the members well! So im just super happy!

To answer some questions, i found someone to play golf with me so this next week or so we should be able to get in a few holes!! im excited!! and on a normal Pday we  play soccer now! today we are going to play with a bunch of elders so it should be fun! well i got to run, but i love you all and i miss you too, but ill see you all soon! thanks for everything!

Love Elder Taysom

Ps i sent the pics in another email! they are of me at a nice beach outside of mar del plata!

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