Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hey Everyone,

Wow this week has been crazy and awesome. We had an awesome thanks giving, and we had a real thanksgiving meal. It was good, but no were near our family thanksgivings. And the stuffing was not as good as yours mom. It turns out that we got to hear from, Russel M. Neslon. He gave a wonderful talk. Then we got to go back to our "Home Room" ( because it was at main campus). We got a couple hours to do what ever we wanted. Me and some other Elders walked to the temple. It was a perfect outside! After that we did a huge service project to help hungry kids in Utah. We made these soup packages that you just at water to and it and heat it up. I now know what lentil beans are. Haha Then we all watched Ephrums Rescue and it was an awesome experience. 

Yesterday was in-field orientation. I met the blond guy (Elder Christensen) that was off the district. I wish i had had my camera, but i didn't. It was a good day. We learned about how to receive Miracles and find people to teach. we also learned how to use the bishop and ward mission leader to help us find more investigators. I cant wait to get out in the field.  Oh and I did get the package from you guys. It was such a miracle. I checked the mail at around 1:30 and it hadn't came. The mail room closes at 2 on Saturdays. I went in and asked the guy if anymore mail was coming today and he said no. I was pretty sad, but around 1:50 i got the impression to check the mail again. I quickly said a little prayer and checked it again and it was there!!!! What a cool experience. Unfortunately i did not revive grandma honeys so it will get sent back to her sometime soon, but tell her thanks and its expensive to send stuff to Argentina so she doesn't have to send to me while im there. I know she loves me! Tell Grandma Vicki thanks for the Christmas package that i got a couple of weeks ago! I use the blanket every night.

Oh and i also saw Klint ( i think it was him, it is the one going to Italy) we talked a little and he is doing good, but still adjusting. Any way i got to go but tell everyone i love them and i know they are praying for me! I'll send some pics!  Love you Guys!

Love Elder Taysom

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for all the letters. I just found out that I'm only aloud to write letters by mail on Thursday to, so tell Kennedy, Gage, cam, and bridge that they should be coming soon. I loved hearing about your weeks, and let me know how DH does. so today i went in to the dentist and i had and infection on that tooth that i almost had to have a root canal on a couple of years ago. so i had a root canal today and i am on some antibiotics, but i feel better! Also my companion got i concussion yesterday night so i had to wake him like every 3 hours. hahaha. Anyways i had a really good week this week. yes mom i am keeping a journal and i write in it every night. i haven't sent the cards because i can write them until today so the should be there soon. my favorite things to eat here is every 2 weeks or so the feed us papa johns pizza. it is pretty good, plus on our "p" days we get to go to Brigham landing and eat burger supreme or DP cheese-stake, but dont get everyone hopes up for when they come to the mtc, because only west campus missionaries get to do that. Which means they have to go Spanish speaking. my district is full of a bunch of goof-balls. they are awesome! There have been a lot of memorable experiences so far but one of the best is that i was able to give an Elder in my district a blessing and it was so cool! I will email bus and see how it is going. the weather here is really weird, it snows some days and then is like 75 degrees the next. oh and i should get my travel plans tomorrow so that should be fun. Last week we had the idea to have a weekly tie connvention at our place for the whole zone. i picked up so good ties. It was awesome.

Well that all that happened to me this week. sorry all the weeks kind of sound the same but that is how it is here at the mtc. i love you all soooooooooooo much and i kinda of miss you i guess. hahahaha hope all is well, and i am doing great, just excited to get out in the field. thanks for all you guys have done for me! 

Love Elder Taysom

Thursday, November 14, 2013

               Hey everyone! 

          I loved all the letters i received from you this week. things sound like they are going good down there! i sent some letters yesterday so you should be getting them soon. i had a great week this week. i think i forgot to tell you but i am the district leader of my district. i have so many cool experiences by having the opportunity of being district leader! i get to pick up all our letters and hand them out to my district, i love seeing there reactions! anyway after i went to the temple today, i ate at main campus hoping i would see chase. i did and we had a great lunch together. he is doing great and he leaves this Monday! it is crazy how fast the send out English speaking missionaries. im having alot of fun here but it is kind of hard because i cant tell my investigators what i want to tell them yet because my Spanish is not quite good enough yet! i also got my first hair cut. it doesnt look half bad! the days kinda blend together now, but it feels like i´ve been gone for like a month. weird right! 
       i still have not heard anything about my visa and i probably wont until a week before i leave. im still learning spanish and its coming, but i still have a long way to go! i got the package from grandma and i slept warm last night for the first time! it was awesome!!!!! so JT leaves on monday, but he is excited and is looking forward to it. i cant wait til i can leave the mtc and start teaching real investigators! the mtc is great, but im excited to leave! we got to hear from elder L. Tom Perry on tuesday and it was so cool! so who is our new stake pres. and what are the boundaries. 
      Well that is what my weeks mostly consist of. if you have any question just ask me in my emails because then i can look at them as i write. by the way the weather up here is way weird because it was freezing like 2 weeks ago, but its is warm now! it is weird but it is perfect weather. i just hope it snows soon becuase i love snow. anyways i got to go. i love you all sooooo much. and i hope i have more to write about next week!

Elder Taysom 

P.S. hope you like the pictures!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hey guys! thanks for the awesome emails and letters! tell kayler that im way jealous of his first deer! i love hearing from everyone! so good news, I've only gained like 7 pounds haha! anyway this week was sweet. i had alot of spiritual experiences and spanish is coming along great! my letter last time might be a little confusing about where i am sorry for that. i live about 3/4 of a mile away from main campus ( where you dropped me off). i only get to go to main campus for devotionals on Sunday and Tuesday nights. im looking forward to seeing chase, but if im lucky ill only see him like once a week. ill see if i can find him on Wednesday and see how he is doing. my district is doing well and we have really buckled down and started studying all the time. anyway i cant tell you how much of a blessing it is to live on west campus, only Spanish speaking missionaries are here, so i speak the language a tone! plus i get so much more freedom then main campus. for example on our "p" days we get to walk to Brighams landing outlet mall for lunch and dinner. today i had burger supreme and jamba juice, and main campus has community showers and if you are not in the first like 200, you don't have enough time to shower that day! haha poor chase! me and elder earl are doing great except for one thing, the food here gives us both alot of gas. mostly elder earl. but other than that we are great! so its starting to get cold here and it has snowed 3 times already. you probably have received the letter i sent yesterday, but i could really use a blanket so i don't have to bust out my sleeping bag. i have more details in the letter i sent, but that would be awesome if you could send me a blanket. oh and that idea of moms sounds good to me. i love getting letters in the middle of the week! so yesterday we got 21 new elders in our zone! it is awesome! more missionaries flow in every Wednesday and west campus is getting huge! the lord is really hastening the work! any way i don't have much time so i got to go! i love you guys!

Love Elder Taysom