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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hey Everyone,

Wow this week has been crazy and awesome. We had an awesome thanks giving, and we had a real thanksgiving meal. It was good, but no were near our family thanksgivings. And the stuffing was not as good as yours mom. It turns out that we got to hear from, Russel M. Neslon. He gave a wonderful talk. Then we got to go back to our "Home Room" ( because it was at main campus). We got a couple hours to do what ever we wanted. Me and some other Elders walked to the temple. It was a perfect outside! After that we did a huge service project to help hungry kids in Utah. We made these soup packages that you just at water to and it and heat it up. I now know what lentil beans are. Haha Then we all watched Ephrums Rescue and it was an awesome experience. 

Yesterday was in-field orientation. I met the blond guy (Elder Christensen) that was off the district. I wish i had had my camera, but i didn't. It was a good day. We learned about how to receive Miracles and find people to teach. we also learned how to use the bishop and ward mission leader to help us find more investigators. I cant wait to get out in the field.  Oh and I did get the package from you guys. It was such a miracle. I checked the mail at around 1:30 and it hadn't came. The mail room closes at 2 on Saturdays. I went in and asked the guy if anymore mail was coming today and he said no. I was pretty sad, but around 1:50 i got the impression to check the mail again. I quickly said a little prayer and checked it again and it was there!!!! What a cool experience. Unfortunately i did not revive grandma honeys so it will get sent back to her sometime soon, but tell her thanks and its expensive to send stuff to Argentina so she doesn't have to send to me while im there. I know she loves me! Tell Grandma Vicki thanks for the Christmas package that i got a couple of weeks ago! I use the blanket every night.

Oh and i also saw Klint ( i think it was him, it is the one going to Italy) we talked a little and he is doing good, but still adjusting. Any way i got to go but tell everyone i love them and i know they are praying for me! I'll send some pics!  Love you Guys!

Love Elder Taysom

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