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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for all the letters. I just found out that I'm only aloud to write letters by mail on Thursday to, so tell Kennedy, Gage, cam, and bridge that they should be coming soon. I loved hearing about your weeks, and let me know how DH does. so today i went in to the dentist and i had and infection on that tooth that i almost had to have a root canal on a couple of years ago. so i had a root canal today and i am on some antibiotics, but i feel better! Also my companion got i concussion yesterday night so i had to wake him like every 3 hours. hahaha. Anyways i had a really good week this week. yes mom i am keeping a journal and i write in it every night. i haven't sent the cards because i can write them until today so the should be there soon. my favorite things to eat here is every 2 weeks or so the feed us papa johns pizza. it is pretty good, plus on our "p" days we get to go to Brigham landing and eat burger supreme or DP cheese-stake, but dont get everyone hopes up for when they come to the mtc, because only west campus missionaries get to do that. Which means they have to go Spanish speaking. my district is full of a bunch of goof-balls. they are awesome! There have been a lot of memorable experiences so far but one of the best is that i was able to give an Elder in my district a blessing and it was so cool! I will email bus and see how it is going. the weather here is really weird, it snows some days and then is like 75 degrees the next. oh and i should get my travel plans tomorrow so that should be fun. Last week we had the idea to have a weekly tie connvention at our place for the whole zone. i picked up so good ties. It was awesome.

Well that all that happened to me this week. sorry all the weeks kind of sound the same but that is how it is here at the mtc. i love you all soooooooooooo much and i kinda of miss you i guess. hahahaha hope all is well, and i am doing great, just excited to get out in the field. thanks for all you guys have done for me! 

Love Elder Taysom

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