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Thursday, November 14, 2013

               Hey everyone! 

          I loved all the letters i received from you this week. things sound like they are going good down there! i sent some letters yesterday so you should be getting them soon. i had a great week this week. i think i forgot to tell you but i am the district leader of my district. i have so many cool experiences by having the opportunity of being district leader! i get to pick up all our letters and hand them out to my district, i love seeing there reactions! anyway after i went to the temple today, i ate at main campus hoping i would see chase. i did and we had a great lunch together. he is doing great and he leaves this Monday! it is crazy how fast the send out English speaking missionaries. im having alot of fun here but it is kind of hard because i cant tell my investigators what i want to tell them yet because my Spanish is not quite good enough yet! i also got my first hair cut. it doesnt look half bad! the days kinda blend together now, but it feels like i´ve been gone for like a month. weird right! 
       i still have not heard anything about my visa and i probably wont until a week before i leave. im still learning spanish and its coming, but i still have a long way to go! i got the package from grandma and i slept warm last night for the first time! it was awesome!!!!! so JT leaves on monday, but he is excited and is looking forward to it. i cant wait til i can leave the mtc and start teaching real investigators! the mtc is great, but im excited to leave! we got to hear from elder L. Tom Perry on tuesday and it was so cool! so who is our new stake pres. and what are the boundaries. 
      Well that is what my weeks mostly consist of. if you have any question just ask me in my emails because then i can look at them as i write. by the way the weather up here is way weird because it was freezing like 2 weeks ago, but its is warm now! it is weird but it is perfect weather. i just hope it snows soon becuase i love snow. anyways i got to go. i love you all sooooo much. and i hope i have more to write about next week!

Elder Taysom 

P.S. hope you like the pictures!

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