Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hey everyone!

Things sound like they are going good up there! wow how time flies! wow now there must be a ton of missioneries from our ward out on missions! what a great blessing for the people they are serving, and also for the families there in the ward!!

This week was a good week! We were teaching B alot, but it is sad becuase we feel he just doesnt have the drive to quit smoking! he wants to be baptised, but he is like 80 years old and has been smoking for like 50 years, he is"just waiting for his time when the lord calls him up" he said! it is sad, but we are having alot of sucess here! we find new families every day and we have a great couple that are going to get baptized este weekend or the next! they are so prepared and are excited for their baptism! we also have found a lot of other people and we are really excited for this next month and we feel we can have a baptism every week this next month! thanx for all your prayers and love, because it is reallly helping us here! we are doing somthing with the people in our ward and i would love if oyu guys could do it too! ill send a list of our investigadores and their needs so that you guys can pray for them by name, and so that we can see the miricales that heavenly father has in store for us!

I know that this will help us alot and you guys can help bring people to a knowledge of this gospel! well i dont have much time left but just know that i love you all, and i am doing great here! it is a really good area and the people are really receptive! i have become pretty good at cooking pizzas and noddles and rice too! i cant wait to cook for you guys one day! haha well got to go, but love you all!!

Elder Taysom

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hey everyone!

Wow this week was a good week! we worked alot and had a baptism! it was great and an example of how hard work brings miracles! I love the foto of dal and kayler, they are hipsters haha and grandma and grandpa taysom still look pretty young for having been married for 46 years! well... kind of young anyways!! haha

This week was a good week, i really like my new area and the people here are really receptive and i feel we are going to have a lot of sucess here in this area! we are teach alot of people and 2 came to church yesterday, it is good to have 2, but we want more, and i feel we can get alot more in the church this next week! we are teaching a man named B. he is like 70 or so, but he smokes about 40 cigs. a day! it is crazy, we are trying to help him quit smoking, but it is really hard, we feel he wants to quit smoking, but he is an old guy who lives alone and is retired. he stay´s home all day and has nothing else to do but smoke, but i know the lord will help him. we have him in a situations were he has to want it! i have alot of hopes for him, and we will see this next week what happens! but i feel like me and my comp get along really well and are going to have some real good sucess in this area!

My area punta alta is really nice, it is about 20 min outside of bahia blanca! it would be like im in hurricane and bahia blanca is ST. geroge. my comp. is really cool, he is from sandy utah and is just a goof ball kind of like me. the other elders said they felt they were looking a 2 elder bickmore´s when i first came! we get along real well and we teach well together too! well i got to go, but just know that i love you all and can fell you prayers and love! 

Love Elder Taysom

Elder Taysom's new comp., Elder Bickmoore

Note from Mom... Kelly and I were wondering why Car was getting moved every transfer lately and Kelly asked Car about this and told him that in HIS mission, when a missionary got moved a lot, it usually meant he was causing trouble or lazy haha ;) This was Car's response to his Dad's prodding:

ok so dont tell this to many people because it doesnt really mean that much, but i have been district leader for about 2 transfers, and that is why im getting changed around alot! 

 dont worry dad im not in trouble! haha im just trying to keep the family name a good one! hahahaha but sometimes it is hard to fix the mistakes of 7 or so other taysom missionaries! hahaha just joking, all the taysom misisonaries have been great examples and i look up to you guys alot! well love you all and thanks for every thing!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hey everyone!

Things sound pretty good up there! that is sweet that tan made the team, and you will have to let me know how dal does in his race! Wow we have a word here in the mission of when people are always enfocused on when the mission will end, or life after the mission, or counting how many days we have left! the word is trunki! i say this with all the love and respect i can have...... you guys are trunki! hahahahahahaha but that is why i love you all! i can tell you are praying for me and my investigators, and i know you miss me alittle! :) 

Well life is pretty good here, and i was transfered again! I am here in Bahia Blanca in an area called Puntas Altas! my new comp. is Elder Bickmoore. he is from sandi utah and he seems to be a good missionary! My time in Rauch was short, and i would have liked to maybe accomplish more while i was there, but i know the lord has sent me where i need to be and im here for a reason to try to help my district and zone baptize! we are putting alot of focus on baptizing now in the mission, and we are really enfocused! we are going to see some great miracles! i know it!

This past week was good in rauch, and we were right about to have a baptism, but our investigator drank and smoke the night before his interview! it was devestating, and i think he was pretty sad as well, but they are going to work with him and i know he can get baptized! im very excited though to be in my new area and i feel that we will be able to have alot of sucess! i will let you know how things are going next week when i have more time in my  area, but just know that i love you all and im doing better than good here! thanks for all your prayers and love and support!

Elder Taysom

Ps: the photo is of my zone in Tandil!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hey everyone!

Wow tan is looking pretty huge, im going to have to workout alittle more! It is so crazy to think that the ward is moving on and now all the sophmores are seniors! haha it is sad how fast time goes by, and it never asks permission! Things sounds pretty good up there, and i loved the photo of dal on the mountian! im so proud of him for doing cross country, when i get back, we can run together! haha

Ya so this week i was in rama 3 of tandil! it was one of the best weeks i have ever had in the mission! and we only got to work 4 day because we had to go to Bahia Blanca to get my visa! we had 5 people come to church which is great because last week this area didnt have any! it was a week of hard work and much success! there were many miracles to! Like one day we were walking in the street and the ZL´s called us and said the we needed to go to Bahia manaƱa but that there was still time to set a baptismal date with someone! right when we got done talking, we knocked on the first door we saw and it was a young guy named pedro! He accepted the babtismal date and said he would come to church, but that he was going out of town so we wouldnt have contact until sunday at church! we thought it was an excuse to blow us off and not come to church, but sunday he was the first person at church! it was awesome and he said he loved it! we set a time were we could go visit him and his mom later that day! when we got to the house they let us in and then the mom asked what day we found pedro! we told her wednesday and then she started to cry! we were alittle confused, but then she told us that on wednesday in the afternoon that she prayed with all her might that her son (pedro) would find the right path of god! and we found pedro about 2 hours later! it was one the biggest testimony builders of my whole mission, and i had never felt the spirit so strong with an investigador before! this goes without saying, but the whole family accepted a baptismal date! It is crazy the miricles that happen when 2 elders work hard and are focused on baptising!

So this week was really good! we are going to have a zone activity for the sucess that we had as a zone! oh ya and we found this less active guy that is 70 years old, and he has a 7 year old daughter! haha it  is crazy because she is a Great aunt! no lie, a Great aunt! crazy things happen here in Argentina! i know a guy in rauch that is 18 and has a 5 year old son! i love this place!! well i got to go, but know i can feel your love and your prayers!

Elder Taysom