Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hey everyone!

Things sound like they are going good! Tan has an I-phone now? well good for him he can send me emails from his phone now! haha i loved the photos of pioneer day, you all look so tan and warm. You need to send some heat my way! i think i could use it! haha it is pretty cold here at night, but the sleeping bag i have is keeping me warm just fine and some times im even hot at night!

This week was good and we had 2 investigators at chruch yesterday! i was good, but we were hoping for mas! i really like the idea of dad and the power of prayer! it is a great idea! prayer is a powerful tool, and when we are obiedient, he will bless us! There is a chapter in PMG that talks about it! chapter 4 is the section and that would be some great advise if you could pass it on to kason and cam! sometime the mission is tough, but like it say´s in ether 12:6 that we will recive a testimony and blessings only after the trail of our faith! im way excited for this up comming week because we are doing super-devisiones! i will be serving in a city called Tandil with a new elder for all of this week! it will be a great opportunidad for my greenie to get a chance to teach with someone else and kind of take the lead! i think we will have some real success this next week!

Well life is good here! We are just working hard and learning more and more every day! if you guys want to learn more about the bible and how the church started, you should study and try to teach Jehovahs witnesses! you can learn alot trying to study to teach them! haha but we are doing good and thanks for all your love and prayers! we can feel them!

Elder Taysom

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Wow im so happy that you guys had so many opportunities to share the gosple with others! those experiences are so great and are preparing you for missions! and tan is looking pretty big..... i guess! ;) but he will have to get alittle bigger if he wants to beat me!

This week was a week of work! we worked alot and had almost 30 lessons durring the week, which is good because the goal or our mission is to have 25! but none of our investiators came to church! it was rough! my comp. was kind of down in the dumps, but we were able to still work hard and find some good new people to teach! it is a good challenge for me, because this is the first time in my mission were i have had 2 weeks in a row without investigators in the chapel, but we are going to keep pushing! we have an 18 year old investigator that is going to go to youth conference this week, and we are praying that he will have a great spiritual time there! we have a lot of new people that we found this week, so ill let you know how they progress!

So this week was also good for my scripture study and i have learned so much! it is amazing when you have a question in mind and serch the scriptures for an awnser, how you can find exactly what you need, and more! i love the story how dad felt the youth should wear their shirts! spiritual impressions are real and i can testify to that. if we take the time to say a prayer and listen after, the spirit will guide us! i have seen it thousands of time in my mission! for example yesterday i felt we sould visit a contact from earlier in the week, but she lived far away from where we were! por suerte we went anyways and she was home, and we had a great lesson with her! just one example of what happens almost daily in the mission! well got to go, but i love and miss you all! i can feel your prayers and love!

Love elder taysom

ps the photos are of a lunch with a member and 2 young men form mar del plata!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hey everyone!

Ya! Argentina lost the finals, i dont think i have ever seen a sadder town in my life! it has been 24 years since they have won a world cup, and now it will be at least 28 years! haha the president of argentina said that if they won, no one would have to work today, but they still have to work so i can write you guys! man but yesterday we got no work done! we kind of just walked around for 4 hours. we tried to knock some doors, but as you can imagine that didnt work out to well! haha

This week was an ok week, but our investigadores arent progressing like we would like them too! they were, but we dont know what happened, and they all just seem to have come to a stand still! he have talked about it and we think we are going to focus alot on our teaching and how we can better it and apply it more to their lives! the members seem to be helping a bit more! it is awesome to see the diference when missionaries change the phrase " you have to" into " you can help us alot by"! i have really just been focusing on serving them, and showing love towards them, and they seem to be alot more willing to help us! we can feel your prayers mom!

So that was my week, and im kind of happy that the world cup is over so we can start to work really good again, but it was awesome to see all the crazy people go nuts when they won, and even more nuts when they lost! luckly im in a small town, so nothing happened! life here is pretty calm and peacful! we just go out and work! i found a scripture today that i love and it gives me great desires to serve the lord with all my heart! it is in alma 29:9! 

 I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

well i love you all and miss you too! thanks for all the love!

Elder Taysom

Ps: the pics are of my birthday!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hey everyone!

Sounds like you guys had a great week! i loved all the fotos that you sent! i always knew mom could grow facial hair! haha It is funny to see how much you all have grown, and that is great that dal ran a 5k! how did he do?

Well this week was a pretty good week. we had a lot of good lessons, but it rained all day saturday, and sunday which killed us on people comming to church! we only got 1 investigator to come to church! and our branch is pretty small anyways! yesterday a whole 19 people came to church! but 10 were under the age of 12 so our primery is doing great! haha we are having some sucess with our investigators, but the one thing holding like 3 people back from baptism is that they have to get married! and right know, no one wants to get married! its alittle hard, but i know they will come around!

Ya, so the name of my city is Rauch! i live Brown 575! ha and my b-day was pretty cool! we ate a bunch of food all day! we got invited to lunch, dinner, and dessert! it was great! my comp. bought me like a gallon of ice cream too and we downed the whole thing! the members here are really cool, but seem to be content with a small branch, and dont really want to work hard to try to better the branch, or to have more people come on sundays! but i think we will get some work out of them! haha! i recieved a lot of cards, and they were great! thanks for the photos of the cards i didnt recieve! i feel so special! haha ya so to answer your questions is that we dont have a branch pres. and onlly 3 priesthood holders, but 2 are under suspension, i dont know what they did! haha so basically we do everything! we teach all the classes and branch counsel is bacicllly us and 1 other guy! it is a great experiance! haha well i got to go, but just know i love you guys, and i can feel your prayers!

Love elder taysom

ps. now that i am back in a small town it is hard to send pics again, but next week for sure!