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Monday, July 7, 2014

Hey everyone!

Sounds like you guys had a great week! i loved all the fotos that you sent! i always knew mom could grow facial hair! haha It is funny to see how much you all have grown, and that is great that dal ran a 5k! how did he do?

Well this week was a pretty good week. we had a lot of good lessons, but it rained all day saturday, and sunday which killed us on people comming to church! we only got 1 investigator to come to church! and our branch is pretty small anyways! yesterday a whole 19 people came to church! but 10 were under the age of 12 so our primery is doing great! haha we are having some sucess with our investigators, but the one thing holding like 3 people back from baptism is that they have to get married! and right know, no one wants to get married! its alittle hard, but i know they will come around!

Ya, so the name of my city is Rauch! i live Brown 575! ha and my b-day was pretty cool! we ate a bunch of food all day! we got invited to lunch, dinner, and dessert! it was great! my comp. bought me like a gallon of ice cream too and we downed the whole thing! the members here are really cool, but seem to be content with a small branch, and dont really want to work hard to try to better the branch, or to have more people come on sundays! but i think we will get some work out of them! haha! i recieved a lot of cards, and they were great! thanks for the photos of the cards i didnt recieve! i feel so special! haha ya so to answer your questions is that we dont have a branch pres. and onlly 3 priesthood holders, but 2 are under suspension, i dont know what they did! haha so basically we do everything! we teach all the classes and branch counsel is bacicllly us and 1 other guy! it is a great experiance! haha well i got to go, but just know i love you guys, and i can feel your prayers!

Love elder taysom

ps. now that i am back in a small town it is hard to send pics again, but next week for sure!

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