Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, December 29, 2014

Hey everyone!

All seems well from what i saw in skype the other day! sorry for writing late, today we had a meeting, but they let us write the fam after, so that is why im writing late! the family looks heathly and looks like everyone is doing well, and it was a blast talking to oyu guys. the guy with the knives is the member and he is a great guy, and really funny.

This week was alright, but sadly we had to pospone the baptism of Mauricio because he showed up late to church and the bishop doesnt like us to baptize people unless it is announced in sacrament meeting, but next week for sure he will enter in the waters of baptism! we hope to be help even more people gain salvation this next month. we have some good plans and are very excited to serve with all our hearts! i love doing the work of the lord as he would do it if he were here in argentina! there is nothing better than being a missionary, and one will never experience such joy as one does bringing souls to salvation!

Oh and my package got here this week! thanks for the football and treats! i was a little confused because in moms letter that was in the package it said she sent mac and cheese, but there was no mac and cheese in it! haha i think the argentines robbed me! haha but thanks for everything, and if you see sam tennys mom, tell here thanks too, she sent me a letter! well i love you all and thanks for the prayers and love!! 

Love Elder Taysom

Ps sorry i forgot my camera! 

Pictures mom took of Car skyping on Christmas......He seemed happy and  hot (it was 100 degrees there in Bahia Blanca that day!) and definitely had a very strange and funny accent!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Hey everyone!

How are you all! it is crazy to think that it is already christmas! the time passes to fast and everyone looks so much bigger and older now! it was nice to see the pics of the family chirstmas party! and the woman that wrote dad is one on my converts! she is the mom of that family that was baptized about a month ago! 

this week was good! we work a lot outside of our area and were able to have the christmas party too! the card mom wrote did come in time! haha and we also had a sucessful week here in my area too! seven people came to chruch and a miricle happend! a guy showed up to church, and said he was going to church in another area and just moved to our area. we invited him to be baptized right then and there and he said yes! he is a great guy and very prepared! it is sweet to see how the lord prepares people for is servents to teach! we have seen many prepared souls in my area, and it is the best!

I think it would be best if we skype at 5 my time. not sure what time it is there, but maybe like 1 or so! you will have to check! ill save some stories to tell you guys on christmas!! well i have to go, but just know i love you all and can feel your love! we will talk more on christmas!! love you all

Elder Taysom

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey evreyone,

Things sound like they are going good up there! it is wierd to see everyone in sweaters and jackets and stuff! it is hot here, but not as hot as my last summer here! this area seems to be quite a bit cooler!

This week was a good week and we had 9 people come to church, but we were expecting a little bit more. all in all we are excited to see some great progress in the area and we should see alot more souls come unto christ thourgh baptisms here in the next couple weeks! we have had some great spiritual moments in this past week and taught a lot of great families, and i was really excited because i was able to see one of my converts go to the temple and baptisms for the dead for his grandparents and greatgrandparents! it is the best feeling ever!!! i never thought i would have so much joy in my mission, but the lord blesses us for our labors!

And great news!!!! my package came!!!! the one from november that you sent! i havent got open it yet because i just got it this morning! but im excited for it!!!! also we should plan when we are going to skype! send my info on when you guys want to do it and next monday ill set a time we can skype! well im trying to thing of some funny stories that happend this past week but i cant think of any. basically talking with drunk guys happens alot, so it not really funny anymore, it just argentina! hahahah but just know i love you all and pray for you too!!

Love car

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hey everyone
Ya i would have to say that mom turns to the internet for too many of lifes problems! hahahaha but the new tree looks good! oh and sorry for the photo of my comps. bum, i didnt notice! hahaha
This week was an ok week! its not that we are having less success than before it is just my vision of success has changed! its funny because now when we find alot of people, i feel like we need to find more. its a great feeling, im never satisfied and dont think i ever will be! we are planning for some baptisms in the next few weeks that come, so ill keep you all informed! the lord is blessing us greatly and we are seeing many miracles!
My package still hasnt come, but it will soon i hope! nothing really crazy happened this week, but ill try to look for more funny stories! i dont have much time, but just know i love you all and im thinking and pryaing for you all!! love you
Love elder taysom

Monday, December 1, 2014

Hey everyone!

Everyone looks so happy in the thanksgiving picks! thanks for not sending pics of the food! i might have eaten the computer screen! haha but everyone looks so much bigger now! it is crazy! Sad to her about JT. he was a great kid and will be missed! ill remember to pray for his fam!

This week was a good week! we almost had a baptism, in the end he will get baptised this next week! we are working quite well in the area and are finding miracles right and left! im am very grateful for the blessings we are reciving from our heavenly father! we recieve his help daily and and miracles are happening all around us! im very grateful for the time i had early in my mission to learn what i know and this past year has prepared me for all the sucess we are having now!

 I loving hearing from all the new missionaries like cam, and fez, and gage, and all the others because they are writing exactly what i wrote when i was a new missionary! they will learn and in will have a lot of success in no time!! this past sunday was so funny! a drunk guy showed up! he was really dirty so we took him to the batheroom and cleaned him up alittle! then we told him we were going to the sacrement meeting and he had to stay silent! he said ok and then we entered but he didnt even last 1 min. before he started shouting and stuff! so i lovingly and quite forcefully shoved him out of his chair and into another room! i flicked on the speakers so we could hear who was taking in the sacrament room and told the guy that God was going to talk to him! he just sat there in awe with his mouth open and started to talk/yell at the roof and have a conversation with ¨god¨ i just sat next to him and laughed at him! it was sweet well i got to go, but thanks for all your prayers and love! dont worry about me, im doing great! love you all!

Love Elder Taysom