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Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Wow im so happy that you guys had so many opportunities to share the gosple with others! those experiences are so great and are preparing you for missions! and tan is looking pretty big..... i guess! ;) but he will have to get alittle bigger if he wants to beat me!

This week was a week of work! we worked alot and had almost 30 lessons durring the week, which is good because the goal or our mission is to have 25! but none of our investiators came to church! it was rough! my comp. was kind of down in the dumps, but we were able to still work hard and find some good new people to teach! it is a good challenge for me, because this is the first time in my mission were i have had 2 weeks in a row without investigators in the chapel, but we are going to keep pushing! we have an 18 year old investigator that is going to go to youth conference this week, and we are praying that he will have a great spiritual time there! we have a lot of new people that we found this week, so ill let you know how they progress!

So this week was also good for my scripture study and i have learned so much! it is amazing when you have a question in mind and serch the scriptures for an awnser, how you can find exactly what you need, and more! i love the story how dad felt the youth should wear their shirts! spiritual impressions are real and i can testify to that. if we take the time to say a prayer and listen after, the spirit will guide us! i have seen it thousands of time in my mission! for example yesterday i felt we sould visit a contact from earlier in the week, but she lived far away from where we were! por suerte we went anyways and she was home, and we had a great lesson with her! just one example of what happens almost daily in the mission! well got to go, but i love and miss you all! i can feel your prayers and love!

Love elder taysom

ps the photos are of a lunch with a member and 2 young men form mar del plata!

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