Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, December 30, 2013

Hola everyone,
this week has been awsome!! alot of things have happened in just a few days!!!! Elder chica was transfered on saturday just out of the blue! he is going to the very most south part of the mission, in a city called viedma! it was crazy, we were just walking down the street and he got a call from elder nash ( the ap) and he said elder chica´s bus leaves in like 10 hours and to start packing! it was crazy, elder chica was a good hard worker and a good trainer and ill miss him! my new comps. name is Elder Ayala he is from chile, (santiago) and he is great! i have only known him for i like 5 hours, but he seems like a good missionary! that makes my first 2 comps not only natives, but the are both zone leaders as well! it is so cool, and a huge blessing because it is really helping my spanish!
I also had my first babtism! it was way cool! well half my first babtism! Jose is an investigator of the sister missionaries in the mission, me and elder chica conducted the babtsimal interview and taught a lesson or 2 to him! for some reason he asked me to babtize him! (i think it is because all the other missionarys here are smaller guys, like under 5 feet 9 inches) it was way cool! i did it is spanish too which was different! i wish i would have memorized it in spanish in the mtc becuase i had to spend all my personal study time that day to memorize the words! haha is was great though! we have a lot of investigators that are soooo close, but just little things are holding them back! this week me and elder ayala are going to work hard to get them prepared for babtism!!
Also this upcomming week me and elder ballido´s (the other new elder with me) companions are leaving for 2 days for a zone conference! it will be just us 2 new missionaries, and one of us doesnt speak speak that well (me), alone for 2 days! im excited because we are good freinds, but alittle nervous! i hope we dont get too lost! Anyway thanks for all the prayers and support from you guys! I love ya and miss you!!!
Love Elder Taysom

The pic of the noddle is my first time cooking alfredo! it wasnt that bad!!! 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Hey eveyone!
Wow this week has been crazy in st. george! I hope all is well with Hunter and Bus. Tell them to e-mail me! i would love to hear from a couple of experianced missionaries like those guys! haha it is crazy when missionarys are doing great work satan can find a way to stop it! i know that they will be able to go back out soon and be great missionaries. Any way this week has been good! unfortunatly Alexi ( the 16 year old that has trouble not smoking) had a smoke the day before his babtism! its frustrating but i think he will stay clean for this saturday! the good news is that we have been teaching this family. family lobosco! they are great and have been accepting our lessons very well! We are inviting them to be babtized christmas eve! so excited because i think they will accept the invatation!
Anyway i do get to skype you guys on christmas!! i get to skype you (wed.) at 6 pm my time! i think it is 2 in the afternoon for you guys but im not sure! look up the time difference in time for argentina and utah and be on the computer when it is 6 my time! super excited to talk to you guys! i cant wait to hear all your crazy stories without me for the past 2 months. anyways im doing great so you guys dont have to worry about me. hope all is well with cam too! not looking forward to when i have to do that! you guys better send me lots of pictures of christmas! i loving seeing pictures of you guys! It still doesnt feel like christmas though becuase its so hot! i feel like i should be having my birthday soon, but its christams! crazy!!
well i better go, love all you guys and thanks soo much for your love and support!!! i miss you guys and thanks for all your prayers too! Love Ya!

 Love Elder Taysom

 The picture of the food is my christmas Dinner!!!! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hola everyone,
Holy cow. St. George sounds crazy. of course it craziest winter ever happens right when i leave! i guess when i left, St. George just became a colder place! haha Anyway my week was good. I did alot of walking and a lot of teaching. the only problem is that we walk for like 2 miles to get to a lesson and the investigators is not there! That is the worst! any we were going to have a babtism on saturday for Alexis. Alexis is a 16 year old boy that lives just outside Trenque Lauqen. everything was going great but last wed. he had a smoke! AHHHH it was frustrating, but if he "stays clean" until wed. of this week he can get babtised this sat. we also have other investigators with babtismal dates, but most of them got pushed back becuase they didnt show up for church. they are all out of town for Christmas.
Anyway, ill talk some more about Argentina. the driving here is crazy awesome. there are no stop signs! and people dont stop in intersections, they just role right through! i Love it. haha so my appartment has a washing machine in it. its plastic but it gets the job done. and we also have like a machine that you put your clothes in and it spins them dry. its weird but atleast i dont have to pay for my laundry. Me and my comp. are doing well. he is a very hard worker. sometimes we work hard but no effective. like we plan one lesson with an investigater and the next lesson is like 2 miles away and we have 10 min to get there. we are trying to work on working more effectively. Its starting to get hot, but thats ok. I´ve lost like 15 lbs sence i left the MTC. haha I have lunch at a members house about 2 or 3 times a week. Tell tanner he needs to start to practice eating what ever is in fornt of him! haha also its very hot so people offer us water all the time. its rude to say no so we drink it, but i havent been sick yet so thats good!
The branch is doing well. i even teach english clases every thursday. Down here even members start families at like age 16. And Bro. Luekengua was right, they just suckle right out in the open, the first time i saw it i was looking around to see if anyone else saw what i just did, but they were all acting normal! haha. it´s still preatty awkward but im the only missionary thats from a country where that is wierd. all the other missionary´s in the zone are from central or south america! Any way this week has been good and you can tell the ym and yw that im doing good and to stay classy!
Love Elder Taysom

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hey everyone!

This week has been awesome! sorry if there is any spelling problems. the keyboards down here are in spaish and every word i type it says im spelling i wrong! haha. Ya so here is how my week went. after i called you in Georgia, i had a 12 hour flight to buenos aries. some how i was able to sleep for 5 hours.  they gave us dinner and breakfest and it was not half bad for airplane food. When we landed it was a bit confusing, because everything was in spanish, but we eventually found our way to the travel people. we then took a bus to the misson home in buenos aries. we had luch there and then they took us to a smaller airport. we took a flight straight to Bahía Blanca. We landed and rode to the mission home In bahia blanca. we stayed the night there a room that at the time i thought was ghetto. i slept on the top of a 3 story bunkbed. it was pretty cool. the next day we had our interviews with the pres. it was kind of confusing because he spoke spanish, but it was fun! then we wathced a power point of where we were serving and who with.

My comps. name is Elder Chica. he is from columbia. he know a little enlish, but there is a language barier. i live in an appartment with 4 people. me, elder chica, elder ballido, and elder gabreil. only elder chica knows english and it is only a little bit. it is awesome! im the only white guy in the district and in the whole city of Trenque Lauquen. that is where im serving. it is a city about the size of cedar. some parts are nice, and some are very poor. i love it. it is very hot here though. we dont have snow, but it did rain yesterday! it was very humid to. i was sweating and it was raining. it was crazy.

We are teaching alot of investigtors and we walk alot. we actually a babtism for one of our investigators. he had already accepted babtism before i showed up but i got to conferm him a member. its weird here becuase only 2 people conferm new converts into the church. just me and elder chica. anyways im sending some pictures of stuff so you can see. oh and the milk and mayo come in bags! it crazy! love you all so much and thanks for all your prayers!

Love Elder Taysom

Mom: Yes, there is alot of dogs. but the bending down thing really works anyway i got to go i only have an hour! love you lots! 

Dad: Thanks Dad You are the best!!! Love you sooooo much!!!! I did give a talk my first yesterday, but i dont think anyone undertsood me, anyway, love you!!!

Tan: Your life sounds alot like mine did in highschool! haha. I know its hard, but you´ll figure it out! I found out that when someone is bugging me or is rude, i just dont say anything or do anything. its hard but i am way happier that way! thanks for being such a great little brother. stay strong in the gospel and honor your preisthood! i love you!!!!!

Dal: Holy cow man, that sounds crazy! i cant believe there was that much snow! that sounds soooo cool. Ill tell you about my week in the big letter, but i just want to say thanks for the present. i havent opened it yet, but im excited to! Thanks for being such a great little brother. And remember mom and dad are the best, so try to listen to what they say. i love you !!!