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Monday, December 23, 2013

Hey eveyone!
Wow this week has been crazy in st. george! I hope all is well with Hunter and Bus. Tell them to e-mail me! i would love to hear from a couple of experianced missionaries like those guys! haha it is crazy when missionarys are doing great work satan can find a way to stop it! i know that they will be able to go back out soon and be great missionaries. Any way this week has been good! unfortunatly Alexi ( the 16 year old that has trouble not smoking) had a smoke the day before his babtism! its frustrating but i think he will stay clean for this saturday! the good news is that we have been teaching this family. family lobosco! they are great and have been accepting our lessons very well! We are inviting them to be babtized christmas eve! so excited because i think they will accept the invatation!
Anyway i do get to skype you guys on christmas!! i get to skype you (wed.) at 6 pm my time! i think it is 2 in the afternoon for you guys but im not sure! look up the time difference in time for argentina and utah and be on the computer when it is 6 my time! super excited to talk to you guys! i cant wait to hear all your crazy stories without me for the past 2 months. anyways im doing great so you guys dont have to worry about me. hope all is well with cam too! not looking forward to when i have to do that! you guys better send me lots of pictures of christmas! i loving seeing pictures of you guys! It still doesnt feel like christmas though becuase its so hot! i feel like i should be having my birthday soon, but its christams! crazy!!
well i better go, love all you guys and thanks soo much for your love and support!!! i miss you guys and thanks for all your prayers too! Love Ya!

 Love Elder Taysom

 The picture of the food is my christmas Dinner!!!! 

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