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Monday, December 30, 2013

Hola everyone,
this week has been awsome!! alot of things have happened in just a few days!!!! Elder chica was transfered on saturday just out of the blue! he is going to the very most south part of the mission, in a city called viedma! it was crazy, we were just walking down the street and he got a call from elder nash ( the ap) and he said elder chica´s bus leaves in like 10 hours and to start packing! it was crazy, elder chica was a good hard worker and a good trainer and ill miss him! my new comps. name is Elder Ayala he is from chile, (santiago) and he is great! i have only known him for i like 5 hours, but he seems like a good missionary! that makes my first 2 comps not only natives, but the are both zone leaders as well! it is so cool, and a huge blessing because it is really helping my spanish!
I also had my first babtism! it was way cool! well half my first babtism! Jose is an investigator of the sister missionaries in the mission, me and elder chica conducted the babtsimal interview and taught a lesson or 2 to him! for some reason he asked me to babtize him! (i think it is because all the other missionarys here are smaller guys, like under 5 feet 9 inches) it was way cool! i did it is spanish too which was different! i wish i would have memorized it in spanish in the mtc becuase i had to spend all my personal study time that day to memorize the words! haha is was great though! we have a lot of investigators that are soooo close, but just little things are holding them back! this week me and elder ayala are going to work hard to get them prepared for babtism!!
Also this upcomming week me and elder ballido´s (the other new elder with me) companions are leaving for 2 days for a zone conference! it will be just us 2 new missionaries, and one of us doesnt speak speak that well (me), alone for 2 days! im excited because we are good freinds, but alittle nervous! i hope we dont get too lost! Anyway thanks for all the prayers and support from you guys! I love ya and miss you!!!
Love Elder Taysom

The pic of the noddle is my first time cooking alfredo! it wasnt that bad!!! 

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