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Monday, January 6, 2014

Hey everyone!!!!

WOW!!!! well sorry mom, but it looks like dad wont be sitting with you in sacrament for a long time!!! hahaha that is so crazy!! thanks for all the letters from everyone!!! i love hearing about your weeks!! im doing preatty well down here!! little sad because we have 2 investigagtors that are soooooo close to babtism, but are not quite ready! N attends every week, but she belive that her babtsim was fine, every lesson we teach about the holy ghost, and the proper athority, but she believes that she already has the holy ghost!! its difficult but i know through prayer she will find an awnser!! C has accepted babtism, but only wants to be babtized in the lake! not in the church font! she wants it to be just like how Jesus was babtized. we called the mission pres., but he said no! i can understand where he is comming from, but now she doesnt want to get babtized! its hard but i love it!!!!!!! I love seeing people being converted by the gospel!!!

New years was pretty cool! we went to bed at 10:30 like normal, but at midnight every house in the city shot off fire works, it woke me up (which is hard to do) and it was so loud! it was preatty cool! me and my new comp are doing well, but this comp. doesnt know any english at all so there is alittle bit of speration there! i hope this next transfer we get an american in the zone so i can know what happens in the district meetings and zone meetings!! haha

i have a funny story about this week! we were in a lesson with a less active family and the lesson was out side. my comp. was talking when i felt somthing hit my leg! i looked down and there was a white liquid on my leg! i looked up and say a bird was flying right above my head, and it had just pooped on me in the lesson! it was so funny!! no one else saw what had happened so i brushed it of with my rag that i had and went on teaching!!! it was way funny because after the lesson my comp. asked why i was looking at my leg and the sky so much! i told him what happend and he laughed so much!!! anyway i got to go! i love you guys so much!!!!!!!! thanks for all the prayers and thoughts!!!!

Love Elder Taysom!

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