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Monday, January 20, 2014

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all the letters! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! your like 50 or something like that right? i forget. anyway this week was good! we had a lot of lessons and some good new investigators! its been busy , but i love it! Pres. PerreƱo is comming to my area for our zone conf. im pretty excited becuase i have not seen him scence christmas and we didnt really talk then! i sure hope my spanish is good enough to understand what he is saying! haha 
anyway im doing good! oh and my home adress is Presidente Uriburu 270 (for dad) im starting to get alittle worried about N becuase she wants baptism, but she always has excuses for why she cant get baptized this saturday! its fustrating, but we will keep trying with her! we also have a family that is very receptive to the gospel. the only problem is that they always say they will attend church but never do! we have taught like 3 lessons about the importance of comming to church, but they have never come as a family! i sure hope we can get them this week!
Anyways today all the computers were taken for like 30 min of our time to email family so i only had 30 total! i dont have much time left but just konw im doing well and i love hearing from you guys!! i can feel all your prayers and you love! thanks for everything!!!! love you all!

Elder Taysom!

PS i know the broncos will win!!!

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