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Monday, December 16, 2013

Hola everyone,
Holy cow. St. George sounds crazy. of course it craziest winter ever happens right when i leave! i guess when i left, St. George just became a colder place! haha Anyway my week was good. I did alot of walking and a lot of teaching. the only problem is that we walk for like 2 miles to get to a lesson and the investigators is not there! That is the worst! any we were going to have a babtism on saturday for Alexis. Alexis is a 16 year old boy that lives just outside Trenque Lauqen. everything was going great but last wed. he had a smoke! AHHHH it was frustrating, but if he "stays clean" until wed. of this week he can get babtised this sat. we also have other investigators with babtismal dates, but most of them got pushed back becuase they didnt show up for church. they are all out of town for Christmas.
Anyway, ill talk some more about Argentina. the driving here is crazy awesome. there are no stop signs! and people dont stop in intersections, they just role right through! i Love it. haha so my appartment has a washing machine in it. its plastic but it gets the job done. and we also have like a machine that you put your clothes in and it spins them dry. its weird but atleast i dont have to pay for my laundry. Me and my comp. are doing well. he is a very hard worker. sometimes we work hard but no effective. like we plan one lesson with an investigater and the next lesson is like 2 miles away and we have 10 min to get there. we are trying to work on working more effectively. Its starting to get hot, but thats ok. I´ve lost like 15 lbs sence i left the MTC. haha I have lunch at a members house about 2 or 3 times a week. Tell tanner he needs to start to practice eating what ever is in fornt of him! haha also its very hot so people offer us water all the time. its rude to say no so we drink it, but i havent been sick yet so thats good!
The branch is doing well. i even teach english clases every thursday. Down here even members start families at like age 16. And Bro. Luekengua was right, they just suckle right out in the open, the first time i saw it i was looking around to see if anyone else saw what i just did, but they were all acting normal! haha. it´s still preatty awkward but im the only missionary thats from a country where that is wierd. all the other missionary´s in the zone are from central or south america! Any way this week has been good and you can tell the ym and yw that im doing good and to stay classy!
Love Elder Taysom

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