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Monday, December 9, 2013

Hey everyone!

This week has been awesome! sorry if there is any spelling problems. the keyboards down here are in spaish and every word i type it says im spelling i wrong! haha. Ya so here is how my week went. after i called you in Georgia, i had a 12 hour flight to buenos aries. some how i was able to sleep for 5 hours.  they gave us dinner and breakfest and it was not half bad for airplane food. When we landed it was a bit confusing, because everything was in spanish, but we eventually found our way to the travel people. we then took a bus to the misson home in buenos aries. we had luch there and then they took us to a smaller airport. we took a flight straight to Bahía Blanca. We landed and rode to the mission home In bahia blanca. we stayed the night there a room that at the time i thought was ghetto. i slept on the top of a 3 story bunkbed. it was pretty cool. the next day we had our interviews with the pres. it was kind of confusing because he spoke spanish, but it was fun! then we wathced a power point of where we were serving and who with.

My comps. name is Elder Chica. he is from columbia. he know a little enlish, but there is a language barier. i live in an appartment with 4 people. me, elder chica, elder ballido, and elder gabreil. only elder chica knows english and it is only a little bit. it is awesome! im the only white guy in the district and in the whole city of Trenque Lauquen. that is where im serving. it is a city about the size of cedar. some parts are nice, and some are very poor. i love it. it is very hot here though. we dont have snow, but it did rain yesterday! it was very humid to. i was sweating and it was raining. it was crazy.

We are teaching alot of investigtors and we walk alot. we actually a babtism for one of our investigators. he had already accepted babtism before i showed up but i got to conferm him a member. its weird here becuase only 2 people conferm new converts into the church. just me and elder chica. anyways im sending some pictures of stuff so you can see. oh and the milk and mayo come in bags! it crazy! love you all so much and thanks for all your prayers!

Love Elder Taysom

Mom: Yes, there is alot of dogs. but the bending down thing really works anyway i got to go i only have an hour! love you lots! 

Dad: Thanks Dad You are the best!!! Love you sooooo much!!!! I did give a talk my first yesterday, but i dont think anyone undertsood me, anyway, love you!!!

Tan: Your life sounds alot like mine did in highschool! haha. I know its hard, but you´ll figure it out! I found out that when someone is bugging me or is rude, i just dont say anything or do anything. its hard but i am way happier that way! thanks for being such a great little brother. stay strong in the gospel and honor your preisthood! i love you!!!!!

Dal: Holy cow man, that sounds crazy! i cant believe there was that much snow! that sounds soooo cool. Ill tell you about my week in the big letter, but i just want to say thanks for the present. i havent opened it yet, but im excited to! Thanks for being such a great little brother. And remember mom and dad are the best, so try to listen to what they say. i love you !!!

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