Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hey everyone!

Things sound like they are going good up there! wow how time flies! wow now there must be a ton of missioneries from our ward out on missions! what a great blessing for the people they are serving, and also for the families there in the ward!!

This week was a good week! We were teaching B alot, but it is sad becuase we feel he just doesnt have the drive to quit smoking! he wants to be baptised, but he is like 80 years old and has been smoking for like 50 years, he is"just waiting for his time when the lord calls him up" he said! it is sad, but we are having alot of sucess here! we find new families every day and we have a great couple that are going to get baptized este weekend or the next! they are so prepared and are excited for their baptism! we also have found a lot of other people and we are really excited for this next month and we feel we can have a baptism every week this next month! thanx for all your prayers and love, because it is reallly helping us here! we are doing somthing with the people in our ward and i would love if oyu guys could do it too! ill send a list of our investigadores and their needs so that you guys can pray for them by name, and so that we can see the miricales that heavenly father has in store for us!

I know that this will help us alot and you guys can help bring people to a knowledge of this gospel! well i dont have much time left but just know that i love you all, and i am doing great here! it is a really good area and the people are really receptive! i have become pretty good at cooking pizzas and noddles and rice too! i cant wait to cook for you guys one day! haha well got to go, but love you all!!

Elder Taysom

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