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Monday, September 1, 2014

Hey everyone

wow i guess i am alittle behind! i just got the photo of brycens baptism last week so i just thought he got baptized last week! haha but looks like your all doing good and i like that grandpa is growing the beard out! he looks muy fachero is what we say down here! haha you will have to look it up or ask brother sweeten! oh and sorry i forgot to attach the names of our investigadores to ill do that this time!

But this week was a good week, but we think we can to better. we did have people come to church, but we were expecting a little more! but our investigators are progressing well and we were going to have a baptism this friday of married couple, but the husband has not quite recieved his awnser yet. the wife is ready and said she want to be baptised this friday, but she is going to wait and get baptised with her husband! he said he believes that the gospel is true, but he doesnt know it is ture yet! we were about to teach him that you dont have to know everything before your baptism, but the member we brought to the lesson said that it is good that he is waiting and that he sould wait! we were kind of bumbed but he defentaly will get baptied this next week! we also have been teaching a lot of new people so we are very exited for this month and we expect to have alot of baptisms!

So we are still doing good and we are going to change houses this week to a bigger and newer house so that should be good! mom asked if i have eaten anything weird latley and i think what is wierd for you guys is normal down here! i eat cow tounge about twice a week! it is not that bad and after a while one actualy starts to like it! haha oh and there is a sister in my ward that like to cook cakes and pies and they are so good!!! we have had apple pie, lemon pie, and chocolate cake with a meran-ge cream top! very good stuff let me tell you!!! well i got to go but thanks for everything and for your prayers and love for me, my comp, and our investigators!!!

Love elder Taysom

Thanks for everything!!

 Ps maybe tan and dad can use the 2nd photo to pracitce not getting buck fever when they see a big buck to shoot! hahaha

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