Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hey everyone!

Things sound good up there and im glad everyone is doing good! i liked hearing all your vioces in the video, it is wierd to hear your voices again! haha

This week was a pretty good week for me and my new comp. he is a really cool guy from Vegas! ill tell you more about him later! this week was a good tough week. we tried hard, but for some reason our baptisms fell through right at the last minute, but we keep our good spirits up and we know we are ging to see miracles! yesterday we also had a good experiance! there was a womens general conference last night and we had the opportunity to bring more people to church when they came to the conference! our zone leader came to do divisions with the other DL and they said they had 21 people come the church! it really inspired us to get more to come to chruch, so we went out and talked to every woman that we saw! for some reason no one wanted to come! so we worked and worked , but still no one! so we said a prayer and worked and at last we got someone to come!!!! it was awesome and when she came to the conference we were really happy! then the ZL told us he lied to get us inspired to bring more people to church and we unded up bringing more then him! haha it was a great experience!

So ya my new comp is great! his name is elder pierce and he is 21! he is a real good guy and full of love! i dont have much time but ill let you know more next week! love you all!!!!!

Love elder taysom!

                                 Elder Pierce was buddies with Carter's bestie, Elder Cameron Imlay, in the MTC
Small world!

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