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Monday, September 15, 2014

Hey everyone!

Wow crazy that someone robbed a bank! haha of course when im not there all sorts of crazy things happen! haha jk but tan and kob and the others look so old now! time goes by fast and it looks like kob is 7 feet tall! haha

well this week was alittle tougher than the last couple! not only for me and my comp. but for the district too, we are not quite having the sucess that we had the last month! B and V were excited about their baptism, but these last few days have been really hard for them and their family, and they kind of took that for a sign that maybe they souldn´t be baptized. it was tough and we taught them and tried to tell them that it was satan trying to make them doubt and not get baptized, but they still feel like waiting! i fear that they have doubts that we dont know yet, but this week we are going to see miracales and they are going to see them too!

i dont have much time today, but to answer some of your questions, yes we made those empanadas, they were made of ham and cheese, but we make some meat ones too! they were sooooooo good! ill make some when i get back! it is starting to warm up here, but not so excited, because i remember how hot last summer was and it was tough! haha well i got to go, but i love you all and thanks for everything and for your prayers and for the advice! love you!!!


Elder Taysom

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