Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hey everyone!

Things sound pretty good up there! that is sweet that tan made the team, and you will have to let me know how dal does in his race! Wow we have a word here in the mission of when people are always enfocused on when the mission will end, or life after the mission, or counting how many days we have left! the word is trunki! i say this with all the love and respect i can have...... you guys are trunki! hahahahahahaha but that is why i love you all! i can tell you are praying for me and my investigators, and i know you miss me alittle! :) 

Well life is pretty good here, and i was transfered again! I am here in Bahia Blanca in an area called Puntas Altas! my new comp. is Elder Bickmoore. he is from sandi utah and he seems to be a good missionary! My time in Rauch was short, and i would have liked to maybe accomplish more while i was there, but i know the lord has sent me where i need to be and im here for a reason to try to help my district and zone baptize! we are putting alot of focus on baptizing now in the mission, and we are really enfocused! we are going to see some great miracles! i know it!

This past week was good in rauch, and we were right about to have a baptism, but our investigator drank and smoke the night before his interview! it was devestating, and i think he was pretty sad as well, but they are going to work with him and i know he can get baptized! im very excited though to be in my new area and i feel that we will be able to have alot of sucess! i will let you know how things are going next week when i have more time in my  area, but just know that i love you all and im doing better than good here! thanks for all your prayers and love and support!

Elder Taysom

Ps: the photo is of my zone in Tandil!

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