Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hey guys! thanks for the awesome emails and letters! tell kayler that im way jealous of his first deer! i love hearing from everyone! so good news, I've only gained like 7 pounds haha! anyway this week was sweet. i had alot of spiritual experiences and spanish is coming along great! my letter last time might be a little confusing about where i am sorry for that. i live about 3/4 of a mile away from main campus ( where you dropped me off). i only get to go to main campus for devotionals on Sunday and Tuesday nights. im looking forward to seeing chase, but if im lucky ill only see him like once a week. ill see if i can find him on Wednesday and see how he is doing. my district is doing well and we have really buckled down and started studying all the time. anyway i cant tell you how much of a blessing it is to live on west campus, only Spanish speaking missionaries are here, so i speak the language a tone! plus i get so much more freedom then main campus. for example on our "p" days we get to walk to Brighams landing outlet mall for lunch and dinner. today i had burger supreme and jamba juice, and main campus has community showers and if you are not in the first like 200, you don't have enough time to shower that day! haha poor chase! me and elder earl are doing great except for one thing, the food here gives us both alot of gas. mostly elder earl. but other than that we are great! so its starting to get cold here and it has snowed 3 times already. you probably have received the letter i sent yesterday, but i could really use a blanket so i don't have to bust out my sleeping bag. i have more details in the letter i sent, but that would be awesome if you could send me a blanket. oh and that idea of moms sounds good to me. i love getting letters in the middle of the week! so yesterday we got 21 new elders in our zone! it is awesome! more missionaries flow in every Wednesday and west campus is getting huge! the lord is really hastening the work! any way i don't have much time so i got to go! i love you guys!

Love Elder Taysom

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