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Monday, August 17, 2015

Hey everyone,

Ha everyone is looking good and tan! so school finally started right, that is crazy it feels like summer just started! it is also crazy to think of all my freinds that are already back, i feel really old haha and i dont like to think about it! i also loved the video of dal on the sky coaster, im going to have to try that when i get back!

This week was good we had a new investgator come to church which was great! his name is carlos and he is great! he is very baptist , but he beileves that what we teach is true. my comp found him on divisions with another elder and they gave him a blessing cause he was feeling very sick and he got better! He had us over again on saturday and told us he wanted to get baptized, we didnt even have to invite him, he wanted to do it! he still has to learn alot, but he is on his way! He liked to pray alot and in a wierd way like the baptists do, but we got him to start praying right. we also have many other invesitgators that are progressing, but they are all kind of older and really sick because of the waether!  but when it heats up it will be good!

Haha i find it funny that  mom wrote the AP´s  again, everyone in the office thinks your crazy, but i love it! haha to answer some questions we normally play soccer or basketball. we want to play some volleyball but we cant find any courts hear! and i want to play golf next week, but cant find  anyone to go with me, but i will convince someone this week im sure! today we are going to play with the whole zone, but sometimes we play w ith other zones too! well i love you all sooooo much, sorry my camera isnt working agian so next week i  will find a better cyber shop! i love you all and thanks for everything you do for me!! ill see ya in a few!

Love Elder Taysom 

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