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Monday, August 31, 2015

Hey everyone,

Sounds like everythings going good! its still hot there then right? thats crazy because its starting to warm up here! yesterday and the day before were amazing! and today is not to bad either! but i do miss the hot DRY weather,!!

This week was good! we had a stake conference!  it was by satellite and we heard from elder cook and elder hales! it was good and they talked a lot about keeping the Sabbath day holy, the importance of doing spiritual things that day! it was good! we are still on the search for a family, but no luck so far, well we have found families, but they're not quite ready to accept the gospel as a family yet! we are having sucess with a couple people, but they still are not quite ready to be baptized yet, but they're getting there, maybe i wont be here to see them enter the waters, but getting in is the important thing! other than that we are doing great and are having a ton success with some less active families!

Oh and we also cleaned in front of the church this week and i had to bury like 2 dead dogs and wow did they smell bad. if you think poking a deer's stomach smells bad, try to move a dead dog that had no more facial features! thats hard!Well i havent gotten to play golf yet, but next week im going to try to get someone to come with me! its still a bit cold sometimes to play, but its heating up fast! did my letters get there yet? if not i might send some new ones again! well i love you all and thanks for everything, i love you all a lot and ill see you soon!

Love ELder Taysom

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