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Monday, October 20, 2014

Hey everyone!!!

Thanks for all the videos! they were awesome and i loved hearing from you! everyone looks so big and grown up! i didnt even realize that i have been out a year! it is a sad thing to think about! i try not to count the day´s, but thankfuly i have a loving family that does! hahahahahahaha 

This past week was good! We had such a cool experience! My comp. and I are very focused on baptizing and are trying with all our heart to baptize, but what is important is the true conversion of the investigador, and we saw exactly that this past week with S. S is an investigador who is evangelical, and she is also poor! she can not pay the rent for her house, so the evangelical church pays for much of her rent. If she attends an another church, this church will not pay for her rent any more, but her faith is something i have never seen in all my life. we taught her and the spirit was so strong, and she began to cry and said that ¨even if I lose my house, I know that you are God's angels¨ and she accepted a baptismal date, and went to church with us this last Sunday !! it was so great to see the sacrifice and faith of a woman and her disire to follow christ!

So other than that awesome experience, we had a pretty normal week! we saw a huge car accedent, and we had an investigador say he wanted to quit using drugs, and then handed us a bag and walked away. we opened it up and saw it was full of drugs! it was terrible, so we just threw them in the garbage, then he called us asking what we did with the bag and we said we threw it away in the trash and then he hung up! we havent heard from him since! hahaha oh and we konck at this door yesterday and and we started taking to a jahovas witness, right then her uncle and cousin showed up. the uncle is a catholic priest and his son is a baptist pastor! that was an awesome experiance! hahaha anyway i got to go, but ill try to keep you guys more informed and thanks for all your prayers and love!!!

Love Elder Taysom

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