Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hey everyone,

Sorry for writing late again, the day was pretty crazy yesterday, but it was sweet to hear from all of you! and HAPPY FATHERS DAY dad! hope the brothers spoiled you and i too agree than we should be able to skype on fathers day!

So the reason why yesterday was a little crazy was because sunday night we felt we needed to go to the terminal of long distance buses and get out a package that came for the zone! i normally do it on mondays, but we had a strong feeling that we sould go. so we went and package place was closed, and i knew it would be so i was really wondering why i went in the first place, but just as we were about to leave some lady approached us and said she was looking for us! she then explained that she was from Colombia and that she had had a pretty rough time getting to her destination of Bariloche which is another city here in argentina! her car had broken down and she was traveling with her daughter and her 2 elderly parents. their car had broken down just in the city before santa rosa and they had used all thier money to get it fixed and where just trying to get back home. the poor family had not slept in like 3 days and where planning on just sleeping in the car again and just wanted to know if we knew where a cheap auto shop was or something! we were rather suprised and very grateful that the lord gave us the chance to answer thier prayers, so that night we got them into a hotel and took the car to a members house so we could work on it. it needed a new starter and some serios carborator work so while the member worked on the carburetor we went out and got a new starter and installed it! at this piont i was just thinking that taking 4 years of auto shop class was the smartest choice i have ever made. ( besides serving a mission of course!) so we got everything fixed and starting driving to drop the car off to the lady and the enginge shorted and hit the battery and it exploded! it was insane so that night it was pretty late so we took them to one apartment and they slept there while the elders that lived there slept in ours! but today early we got a new battery and sent them on their way!

They were very thankful and there whole family from colombia called us and thanked us for all we did and for being answers to thier prayers! it was a great experience and i have learned that there are very little things that bring one more joy than feeling a spiritual promting and following only to find out you answered someones prayers. 

So that was a little long, sorry for that, but im doing great and are investigadores as well, i was able to baptize girl by the name of melani who is 14 years old which was a sweet experience, but i forgot my camera on the day of the baptism so sorry bout that!! no pics :( But to answer some questons, i still havent eaten all the peanut butter, im saving it and savoring it, but i have eaten 1 little cup! haha and it is dead winter now and there is ice on the streets which is very weird because last year in my last area there was no ice so i kind of just realized how much i actually miss snow! haha! well i better go, just know i love you all and thanks for all the prayers you send my way!!

Love Car

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