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Monday, June 29, 2015

Hey everyone,

sounds like eveyone is doing well other than that river rafting accident, but im happy to hear that everyone is ok now! you all look so tan which is funny cause i looked at my legs the other day and they are whiter that than white!!  I am almost sure that the fruit lehi saw in his dream were darker than my legs currently are, but that just is what happens to missionaries i guess!

Well exciting news happened yesterday, i was emergency transfered to Mar del Plata!! so just when i was getting used to santa rosa, they changed me, but im super excited to tell the truth. i love mar del plata and i was only here for a transfer last time so i hope i stay here alittle longer this time!! my new area is monolito 2 and my new comps name is Elder Rodriguez from argentina! i know him pretty well so we will get along great! i will sort of miss my last area though. we had 2 whole families come to church and i guess i wont get to be there when they get baptized, but i have also come into may areas and have seen people get baptized that other elders taught for a long time so in the end the ordinance of baptism is the important thing, and not whose there to see it or not.

 Well to answer some questions Ituzango 7222 Mar del Plata is our new direction of our appartement! we live 4 elders there in the house and 1 is from california, the other alaska! they are good elders and one loves to golf as well so we might go golfing some monday here in the near future and try to get my swing back, cause i know i lost it!! well i dont have much more time, but i love all of you soo much and thanks for all the letters and support that come my way!! love you all

Love Elder Taysom

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