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Monday, July 6, 2015

Hey everybody,

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! you guys are too sweet! it was a great day and we spent most of it contacitng and visiting people! it was my first sunday in the ward so nobody knew it was my birthday! but they all said they would bake me a cake this week so i hope i dont gain some serious wieght! haha

This week was pretty good as far as work goes. we dont have that many investigators so we are looking alot and have found some good people! we are teaching 2 young girls about 19 and 17 years old! Emi and Sara are their names and they are progressing well, but didnt come to church this sunday. we could use some prayers on thier behave so that the can come to church! i also met the new president and his wife! the best way to describe him is the exact opposite of pres. parreño! it is weird, but he seems like a very fun man. he is/was the vice president of World Wide Credit Union, so he is very succesfull and has very good ideas for the mission! im excited, but i sure will miss pres. parreño as well!

To Answer some questiones, i did return to the same stake but not the same ward! im in the next ward over, but we share the chapel now so i got to see some of the members from when i was here over a year ago! and the other day i was on divisions and this guy started to follow us on his bike and my comp. thought he was going to rob us, but the guy yelled TAYSOM? and i turned around and it was an old investigaodor of mine! haha it was so cool, we talked for a while and got his new direction and the other elders are going to stop by this week! it was so cool to think that some guy remembered my name after a year had past and i had only taught him twice! well i got to go, but just know i love you all and thanks for all the B-Day whishes and love you sent/send my way.

Love car

Fotos: one is of an elder in the mission that looks like dad! haha, the other is of my new mission pres. and us, you can tell how different he is from my last pres. just by the pic. and the last is of a burger i ate last week that was the biggest burger i have ever eaten! haha

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