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Monday, July 27, 2015

Hey everyone,

everything sound like its going good! im doing good here and just enjoying life as a missionary. this week was pretty good.

We had marcelo come to church, and he actually came last week, but  he came at 9 instead of 9:30 and when he saw that no one was there he left and went home. he is progressing well and  very reseptive. we also have found a bunch of new people to teach this week. The mission is doing well also and i think we aer going to have interviews with the new pres. this week. we are just working hard here in the area and trying to do the work the lord wants us to do. 

this week i also studied alot about our true nature and how it is such an enemy to god. i have found that most people try to get as close as they can, without crossing it, to the bar set by god. it is our natural human drive to do that. you will see it a lot with missionaries that had problems with following the rules on the mission where the bar set by god is very short. They will have problems when they return because  the bar is a lot higher! just for an example, it is very unlikely that a missionary will break the word of wisdom on the mission because the bar set by god is very far from it, but there are some missionaries who have a lot of trouble with coke, which is a rule in our mission not to drink. when they get back, i fear they might have trouble with the word of wisdom because it is their natural tendency to get as close to the bar or fire as they can. they go through the mission instead of the letting the mission go through them. i have focused on this point and prayed that the lord will help me stay away from the bar, and i have seen great changes in me throughout my mission. i'm striving to stay as far a way from the bar as i can. and i am alot happier for it. just a thought! haha

To answer some questons we try to speak in spanish as much as we can, but sometimes an enlgish phase slips out like ¨you got this¨  or somthing like that! well i love you all and  thanks for the love and support and sorry my camera isnot accepted by the computer for some reason so no pics. :( love you all!!

Love elder Taysom

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