Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hey everyone!
Things sound like there are going pretty good up there! Im doing pretty good down here too! This week has been awesome! we have alot of investigators that are really progressing! me and elder ayala had 10 investigators at church!!! it was so awsome to finally get alot of investigators at church!!! also we have 2 families that are investigating the church! they have a baptsimal date for the first of march! the only problem was that niether of the parents of both families are married! we were alittle scared to bring up the law of chastity with them and to tell them that they needed to be married, but when we taught the lesson, both families accepted it and are going to be married the 28th of this month!!!! it was a huge blessing and i am so happy for them! we also have the baptism of A this wed. A is the kid that had trouble quiting smoking, but through many lessons and many time feeling the spirit, he stopped!!! it is also cool that he his being baptized this wed. because it is his birthday!!! he is really excited!!! Also a young girl in the ward that lives with her mom and sister is turnning 8 this week! She attends my english class every week and i guess she likes me becuase she asked me to baptize her this friday! I was really touched and am so excited to do that for her!!! Also the sisters missionaries have a baptism this week also and the investigator is and sweet old lady, but she is pretty fat. she also asked me to baptize her because im the biggest missaionary in the branch!!! haha i found it funny, but i am also excited for that opportunity!!!
It is soooo cool to finnaly see the fruits of me and elder ayala´s hard work, the only problem is that this sunday is transfers, and im done with my tranning!! normally after tranning the new missionary gets a new comp. and because elder ayala only has 1 transfer here and i have 2, there is a chance i could leave the area!!! Im praying really hard and i fasted yesterday that i wont leave, and that i will be able to see that "fruits of my labor", but if i do leave i know its because the lord needs me some where else!!!!
Anyway that is how my week went! And to answer the questions of Tom, and Char, and Becca, Yes there is alot of trees here, way more than in ST. Georege, sadly there is no monkey´s, but i here that in the south west part of Argentina there is and that the people there eat them!!!! carzy! And YES!!! i Love teaching the people here and seeing them progress in the gospel!! anyway thanks for all your love and support for me and my investigatores! i can really feel all your prayers!!!! Love you all!!
Elder taysom

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